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Victory Through Every Trial

Dearest Ones, I am thinking of all of you in a special way this morning, for I know that you are struggling with the various vicissitudes of life that are a part of daily living in a sinful world where Satan has so much power and control of the environment in which you must live. It is hard to endure the challenges that you must meet on a regular basis, and just the atmosphere in the very air would tend to make it hard for you to remain cheerful and hopeful as the days go by. Because you are my faithful servants, you must meet challenge after challenge that Satan sends against you to try to discourage you. In the order of things, I must allow you to live as others have to live, and meet the daily temptations and trials that are the lot of fallen humanity. And so also did I take upon myself the common life of humanity so that I could experience what each of you must experience and overcome in your behalf by faith and connection with my Father. Thus I am able to empathize with you in everything you have to experience, and give you my victory over every besetment and trial. When you are in trouble or trial or need or perplexity, look to me and learn to lean heavily upon my bosom of love for you, for I have answers to your problems. I am pleased with how you are already doing this, but there is need for your faith to grow even as your trials increase. To go through the time ahead will be more precipitous than you can now anticipate, and I need for you to build up your muscles of faith by exercising faith in what you are experiencing now. Practice staying within the hiding place of the Spirit by cultivating love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. If you are experiencing any mental attitude or feeling other than these, please check yourself and come to me for help and healing and an attitude change. I will freely give you what you need in exchange for fear, anxiety, sadness, depression, etc. Well, my beloved ones, I am not at all displeased with any one of you, I am simply reminding you that to live with me in spirit means to accept from me the gifts and graces of my Spirit, and always be aware that the devil is constantly desiring to pull you down into his lair to catch his attitude of despair, hopelessness, and fear. I want you to be as bold as a lion and as meek as a lamb, for that is what I am, and with these characteristics you and I can march together triumphantly to the heavenly kingdom. Lovingly, Jesus.

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