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Dearest Ones,

You are on my heart today and every day because you are so attentive to the slightest whisper of my voice to you. It is a joy for me to know that whatever I need you to do for me, you will be listening and eager to respond and obey.

Now for the topic of today. It is "agreement." Do you realize that agreement is the key to victorious living? Satan has represented me to be a hard taskmaster who demands obedience and metes out retribution for disobedience. What I really want is agreement with me and my righteous principles from each believer. What would I gain in having subjects who obey me because they fear divine retribution? There is no joy in obedience unless it springs from a heart of love and oneness of spirit. But the human heart is naturally at enmity with me, my character, and my laws. Because of this I have constructed the Sanctuary model with the various levels of relationship with me that are possible.

All acceptable worship and communication with me begins with praise. [Ps. 100.] This is not because I crave praise and adoration, but because it frees the mind of the worshipper from self-centeredness, and places their thoughts upon the object of worship, which is the goodness, mercy, love and wisdom of God and all His benefits. Because the heart is then opened to the goodness and mercy of God, it is therefore prepared to confess and forsake sin (represented by the altar of sacrifice), and receive His forgiveness and transformation of life. Next is the instruction from the Word of God, represented by the laver, which washes, heals, fills, and inspires the suppliant with grace and wisdom and regeneration [Eph. 5:25-27]so that the mind is prepared for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (represented by the seven-branched candlestick [Rev. 4:5]), which is the next step in the Sanctuary.

The table of shewbread represents my own perfect life and example [John 6:48-58], which, under the instruction and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is applied to you - not just in name only, but in the regenerative power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within you and works out my righteousness in and through you. At this point you are prepared to pray with power and receive the outpouring of the Spirit at the golden altar which will reach the throne of God and bring down answers to your prayers for your loved ones and others for whom you are interceding. I have specifically established the Sanctuary pattern to make it possible and easy to commune with me and receive the answers that you crave and that I am waiting to give you.

Now you are ready to enter the intimacy of the second apartment relationship. Do you see how careful the Father and I have crafted the Sanctuary so that at every step you are coming into agreement with me? To be successful, the Sanctuary cannot be a rote performance. It must be from the heart of the worshipper as a growing relationship and communication with me that enables my Spirit to bring harmony between us at every step of the worship experience.

Ever since sin entered into existence through the devil, it has been an issue of disagreement between me and the sinner. Thus the purpose of the whole plan of salvation is to bring us back together in full agreement on every point and at every level. When that goal is reached, sin and sinners will be eradicated from the universe and the plan of rescue will be accomplished. This is the point in history to which we have now come. What more can I do to display the results of sin? What is left to convince the world and the watching universe that the wages of sin is death and the gift of God to those who are in agreement and harmony with the principles of my law is eternal life? What more can be exposed of Satan's lies and the results of his government?

No, it is now time for the final generation to decide who they will worship. And each person's decision will be based upon whom they agree with. Will it be Christ or Belial? Will it be Jesus of Nazareth or Barabbas? Will it be the King of heaven or the prince of this world? I am counting on you, my beloved chosen ones, to represent me so winsomely, so completely, that you will win the hearts of those who love truth and abhor the atrocities that are going on around the world today. Seek and find the honest in heart, and those who are tired of sin and longing for truth and hope and something better than anything this world has to offer. I will guide these to you or you to them, either in person or by the avenues of the media that I have provided for you to use. Angels will be by your side speaking through you and directing you.

Time is short, and there is nothing so important now than preparation for my coming and helping others to prepare. All of heaven is focused upon the finishing of the work on earth. Please join us and allow the Spirit and the angels to bring you into total agreement and fellowship with me moment by moment, and you will not only be safe to save, but safe to be used as instruments for the salvation of others. May you be blessed today in the knowledge of my love for you and the success I shall give you in laboring for the souls of those around you. Lovingly, Jesus.

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