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Dearest Ones,

I am rejoicing with you today because your minds are so open to spiritual truth and you are growing up quickly under the influence of the latter rain, which brings the harvest of the earth to perfection. It also seals in the wicked to be lost because of their rejection of the additional light that is shining from the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary upon those who are looking to heaven and are praying for more understanding of how to prepare for my coming. Around the world prayers are ascending to the throne of my Father for additional help to overcome besetting sins and to be cleansed from all unrighteousness in response to the work of the Holy Spirit. This response from my people is imperative, for time is short, and I will not force anyone to do my will and be cleansed from their sins during the final atoning work that I am doing in cleansing my people and blotting out their sins from the books of heaven. What a joy it is to all of us in heaven to see my people coming into line and cooperating with me in the finishing work of salvation.

However, there are some who are resisting my Holy Spirit's final call, and are being satisfied to be lukewarm and trusting that I will save them in their present condition. This is a fatal deception, for I cannot take lovers of this world into the kingdom of heaven. Observe, if you will, the results of sin in this world since Adam and Eve fell. I have given 6000 years to display the results of sin and the insidiousness of holding on to just one sin. It is like a cancer that begins small, but eventually takes away the life of the person as it spreads throughout the body. Those who are safe to save are those who hate sin with the same passion I have for breaking even the least of the commandments. Of course that is only a literary way of saying that even the smallest offense is not acceptable to God. Could there be a smaller act of disobedience than eating a bite of apple? Yet it showed the lack of faith and obedience that is imperative to be a citizen of heaven.

So today the topic is "obedience." It isn't the enormity of the act, but the spirit of disobedience which motivates the act. Through the centuries I have been lenient in the retribution for sin. I have been lenient in my reaction towards sinners because I know that every child comes into this world with the inheritance that was passed on to them from their ancestry back to Adam and Eve. It is not I who brings the results of sin upon people, but the natural effects of the sins of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation passed on down from one generation to another. But because of my life, death, resurrection, and ministry in the heavenly Sanctuary, I have taken the responsibility of giving sinners a chance to accept my life, my perfection, my attitudes, motives and thought processes in place of their own.

As the second Adam for the human race, I make it possible for every son and daughter of the first Adam to be born again through the water of repentance, and to be cleansed of the roots of sin which were passed on down through the generations. You can have a change of heart, a change of heredity, if you will, and I will give you my righteous character - my thoughts and feelings and impulses in exchange for your old life and impulses of sin. Then you will have the righteous character that comes only by faith through your acceptance of my life which is then imparted and imputed to you through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as you walk in fellowship with me every day.

Because of what I have made available to each person, there will be no acceptance of excuses in the day of the execution of my final judgments. To come up to that time hoping for leniency for cherished sin, either hereditary or cultivated, is to say that my sacrifice was not adequate to take away your sin. The plan of salvation is complete to rid each life of the presence and power of sin. But this exchange is made only in this life before probation closes. After my ministry is finished in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary, there is no more cleansing grace through my intercession and my blood. Therefore, come unto me - just now - while the Holy Spirit is still calling you and speaking to your heart. Come with your burdens of sin and sorrow, of sinful habits that you cannot seem to break, with your hearts yearning for the anointing of my Spirit which will give you life and peace. Linger not at the threshold between life and death. Turn and follow me and look not yearningly behind you as did Lot's wife and lost her soul.

Don't yearn for the fleshpots of Egypt, or the world and its entertainments that are so captivating to your senses. I want your whole heart, mind, and soul, and in exchange I will give you life, peace and joy both now and in eternity. Just take my hand and follow me. You don't know the future, but I do. I will take you safely to the promised land, and your walk with me even here will be filled with the love that only I can give you. Why will you die O house of Israel? Why will you choose day after day to go about your lives as if my coming was a long way off and you have plenty of time to prepare? Is your hesitancy because you feel satisfied with your present condition? I want a Bride who is in perfect agreement with me on every issue of life and who knows me and puts our relationship before all others! How can you understand how much I love you when other things take the place of a constant unbroken love relationship with me?

But I do have my sheep who follow me, and because of them I am not extending the time of my coming any longer. The signs you see in the world are my way of telling you this. So I will send my Spirit around the world to impress every heart that I am coming soon! Those who respond to my voice I will gather into my fold of safety before I let go of the winds of strife. You can help me to do this work by your efforts which I will bless. As my under-shepherds, you are vital to the reaping process. I am counting on you to stand by my side until every person has had an opportunity to make a final decision for or against me. And then the door of mercy will close and I will come and bring you home to be with me. May that day come quickly, for the earth is groaning under the weight of the sins of the people. So look up and rejoice, for the hour appointed for my coming is near at hand and soon you will stand with me on Mount Zion! Lovingly, Jesus.nn

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