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Note: In the morning the Lord asked me to find texts that we can study and claim

through the days ahead to give us courage. Here are some examples: Ps. 1:6; Ps. 3:3-

8; Ps. 5:11, 12; Isa. 27:2, 3; Ps. 138:7,8. Also Matt. 16:19, and Matt. 18:18-20. Then He

gave me this message:

Dearest One,

I want to second-witness the study which you have just completed, for I want you to

share it this afternoon. Especially emphasize the necessity of praying together for safety

in the days ahead. You will soon see more clearly the meaning and importance of being

under the shadow of my wings, for this is only the beginning of sorrows upon the earth.

You must pray often and look to me for guidance to be shielded from the plagues and

catastrophes that I'm about to send upon the earth. How else can I awaken my people

and warn the world of its coming destruction? I am truly loath to do this, for I do not

relish the punishment of the wicked, for at the same time my chosen ones are placed in

difficulty and apparent peril. I say "apparent," for when all around you is breaking up, the

threat of danger, disease and death seems continually imminent. But I will hold back the

winds of strife until my message has circled the globe and my people are secured under

the protection of my wings. But pray as often as you can together by twos, threes, or

groups for continuing protection and ability to get the light of my soon coming out to the


Now go to the activities of your day, and do not allow fear of death, disease, or

destruction engulf you in any way, for not a hair of your head will perish. Remember that

I am the God of the winds and the waves, and the most secure place on earth is under

the shadow of my wings. Lovingly, Jesus.

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