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Attitude Toward those who Believe Differently than You

Dearest ones, today I am thinking about the new thrust forward that we are going to make as soon as Carol is better. The focus now must be to get the light out as quickly as possible. There doesn't need to be any hustle and bustle but just a steady movement forward to accomplish everything that is necessary. I will be at the helm directing the work that each of you is called to do. Fear not that the work will not be accomplished on time. That is up to me. But just keep looking to me for your daily agenda, and all will be done by the time it needs to be.

Now for the topic of the day. I want to talk about the attitude all should have toward those who don't believe or see things the same way you do. I know this is troubling to you, and causes you grief and consternation. But I want you to focus on me and allow me to take care of these things. You don't know the hearts of these people and what they are thinking and feeling and what they have experienced in their lives that has brought them to the concepts and conclusions that they now hold. You have had a tremendous advantage in childhood in having godly mothers to guide you and model for you how to know me and perceive what is truth. But not everyone is that fortunate. So now I am sending you to model for these people what the real truth is and how to see the simplicity of the Gospel as being a living day by day moment by moment connection with me, and how to get this experience through the cleansing of memories and former experiences. If they do not accept this, it is not your responsibility, and you should not carry hard feelings or resentment toward those who do not accept your message or see things as you do. These negative feelings do not come from me, for I always loved even my enemies, because God's love extends to all. Not all receive and respond to it of course, and that is their eternal choice to receive or reject eternal truth. They prefer to drink at broken cisterns of their own making, for it feeds their own egos and makes them seem powerful and wise to themselves and those who follow them and their teachings, which come from a guilty heart and soul, whether it is recognized by them or not.

Now go to the activities of your day with rejoicing for you are accounted worthy to be among the redeemed and furthermore my army of workers in the last hours of Earth's history. What a fellowship, what a joy divine to be an associate with the Father and the Son and all the Heavenly hosts as we wrap up the final events which will end the reign of sin forever. Hold fast to your calling and keep it bright by accomplishing something each day to further the cause of victory over the evil one.

Go now to your tasks, but keep me ever in your heart and mind, for I am just a prayer away. Lovingly, Jesus.

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