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Be Ye Also Ready

Dearest Ones,

The work of the latter rain is going forward in the earth, and even though the droplets have just begun, there is a change in the amount and concentration of the Holy Spirit around each of my chosen ones who are willing to hear my voice calling them to prepare for my coming. Therefore, the topic for today is, "Be ye also ready." As you know, the rest of the verse continues, "for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man cometh." [ Matt. 24:44.] To some this text may seem to be contradictory, for it asks you to be ready at a time when you are not expecting my coming. But I want you to know that if you are following my instructions to be prepared for my coming, I will reveal to you when it is near, even at the door. [Matt. 24:33.] I do not want anyone to be surprised when I come, for this would indicate that they were like the slothful servants who say, "My Lord delayeth His coming." [Vs. 38.] Therefore, when I am admonishing you to be ready, I am saying, walk and talk with me and listen to my quiet voice in your heart [Isa. 30:21], as well as my voice in the fire and the flood and the rolling thunder [vs. 30]; for these are the ways that I am announcing my coming to those who are listening. [See 2 SM 315, 316.]

I am already speaking to the world of my soon coming through the things that are happening in nature to awaken people to know the seriousness of the times. I am also letting go of the winds of strife to arouse people to make their eternal destiny secure. But as it was before the flood, most people go on eating and drinking and busying themselves with daily tasks and entertainment, and will only awaken to the seriousness of the times when it is too late to get ready. Although I cannot be blamed for the decision of those who will be lost, I am still grieved that I cannot reach the hearts of the majority of people in any age in history before tragedy strikes and judgments come. Therefore, I am looking for my chosen ones who are awake and preparing for my coming to use every means that I provide for you to speak out to anyone who will listen. As you can see, I am now providing materials and means for you to use to do this. Now that you are equipped, share the good news of my soon coming and how to prepare for it through the materials that you have and the resources that I will continue to provide for you.

Now back to my original topic, "Be ye also ready." Readiness has always been a character quality of those who love me and are faithful to me. Every angel in heaven is ready at an instant's notice to obey my every request and do whatever I ask them to do. This is because they love and honor me, just as I love and honor them. My kingdom is not run by power, although I have infinite power, but on love and respect and freedom of choice. This produces the greatest happiness, joy, and peace and willing obedience from a response of love. Such are the dynamics of my kingdom. So when I say to you, "Be ye also ready," it is not a command, but an invitation - a privilege - an invitation to a banquet where you are the guests of honor. And truly you are, for you are my Bride, and I have waited long for my love to be requited at the banquet of celebration in heaven. But you must respond to my invitation by being ready and waiting now, even before you know the day or hour, because being ready and staying ready is the character that is needed to be among the saved, for it shows that I am living in your heart and you are one with me in spirit and truth. [John 4:23.]

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep your hearts uplifted and listening for my guidance and direction and counsel in everything you go through. You cannot wear out my patience, for even if you make missteps, I want to comfort and help you to not grieve, but to take it to me like a little child and allow me to heal the wounds and hurts that Satan wants to bring into your life. He hates you because you love and trust me and serve me with your whole heart. He is afraid of your devotion to me because he knows that if he cannot stop the purification and cleansing of the remnant of my people, his cause is lost, and he will face the terrors of a thousand years in the dungeon of this dark world without anyone to tempt, and then eternal extinction in the fires of hell. I never wanted sin to enter the universe, because I saw the pain and devastation it would cause. But now it is almost over, and the experiment in sin will soon be ended. So look up and rejoice that the accuser of the brethren [Rev. 12:10] will be cast down and lose the position and power that he has had for so long. Then peace, joy, and love will reign forever. In the meantime, let the peace that passes understanding [Phil. 4:7] fill your hearts and minds as you trust in me and prepare for my soon coming kingdom. Lovingly, Jesus.

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