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Dearest Ones,

My message today is concerning the subject of "translation." Many are questioning about the requirements to be among those who will be alive until I come. The first characteristic of all who are translated will be that they are in complete harmony with me on every issue of their lives, which is the result of going through the process of the judgment of the living, which is best described in Early Writings, in the chapter called, "The Shaking." I placed this prominently in Ellen White's early visions because I was willing to begin this process for my people even in the days of the pioneers. Of course, I knew that they were not yet ready to go through this process because there was much more light and understanding about the judgment experience to reveal. But I always offer my highest and best gifts to my people and let them choose the position they will occupy in my kingdom, just as I did for the Israelites at Sinai when I gave them the opportunity to become a kingdom of priests to represent me to the whole world. [Ex. 19:5, 6.] I give my highest offer and then let people choose. Otherwise, they would feel that I am a respecter of persons, which I am not. Each person chooses his own destiny and the position he will fulfill in my kingdom.

The same is true of the 144,000. Those who are not willing to go through the rigors of the soul cleansing which is necessary to be in this number run the risk of losing their eternal salvation, for refusing to reach my highest goals and calling for you may mean that there is no secondary plan which will fit you to live without sin before my presence. Often people who want to be excused from the wedding banquet [Lu. 14:16-20] do not really know me, and are choosing to be exempt because they have the mistaken opinion that they must be cleansed from sin by their own efforts. But no amount of human efforts can produce perfection of character. It is entirely a total commitment to me and a reception of my righteous character lived out in you as you establish and grow in a relationship with me that allows me to reproduce my character in you. The similarity between the 144,000 and the saved of all ages is that the saved in every age have lived up to all the light they knew. But there are many who want to be Christians and reap the benefits of all my bounties, but refuse to make a full commitment in every area of their lives which I reveal to them, and thus they lose the opportunity to become members of my kingdom. Many are the lost who have turned away as the Rich Young Ruler did when I opened his heart to him and let him see the cherished sin in his life!

But the 144,000 are those who heartily accept my call to them and my invitation to be among that number. They will not yield under pressure to the temptations of the devil. They hear and respond to my call to them, and will not turn back from their commitment to me, no matter how difficult the trials they must endure. In this they display my character to the world and to the universe. They draw warmth from the coldness of others, and in their dark times they persevere by faith until the light breaks forth and shines upon their souls. They search for light and understanding as for hidden treasure, and because of their determination and faith, they are rewarded by my Father with additional light and understanding which those who are less persevering cannot comprehend. Their persistence knows no boundaries and no limits. Even through disagreements, persecutions, and battles, they continue to seek me, and those who seek me will not be disappointed. [Isa. 49:23, NIV.]

So who are the 144,000? These are those who make me their leader in all things large and small and they shall be rewarded by a seat on my throne [Rev. 3:21] and an exalted place of leadership in my kingdom, for in the last generation of people upon the earth, they represent the saved of the whole human race who have won the battle against the world, the flesh, and the devil. From these I will choose my leaders to represent me and show what my sacrifice can do to redeem mankind from the hand of my enemy.

Now do you see why the 144,000 will hold an exalted position in the kingdom of heaven? It is because without these, I would fail in my mission to save the children of earth and produce a finished product of my grace. Through the 144,000, I will reveal the efficacy of my applied blood. Through the 144,000, I will present the wave sheaf - the first fruits [Rev. 14:4] of the harvest - to my Father. And there will be rejoicing in heaven and earth and throughout the universe that the great controversy is over, the plan of salvation is finished, and the dragon and his followers are cast down, nevermore to tempt and destroy and mar my beautiful plan and purpose for this earth. [Rev. 19:1-9; 20:1-3.] Do you want to be among those whom I use to finish the great controversy? You can be if you persevere until the end. [Matt. 24:13.] Some will of necessity be laid away before I come to spare them [Isa. 57:1, 2], but they must also have the same spirit of perseverance, just as my martyrs and faithful ones have always had throughout history.

So put on the whole armor of God, my beloved children, and stagger not at the temptations and trials caused by the enemy of your souls. Always remember that he is a beaten foe, and that nothing can harm you or defeat you, for you are on the winning side, and all the armies of heaven are enlisted to help you in every battle. While you are looking to me for assistance, you cannot fail.

Now go to the activities of your day, but never forget that I am with you and you are more precious to me than all the gold, silver, and precious stones in the whole world. The Father greets you and sends His love to you also, for He is pleased with your unfailing devotion and faithfulness to me and the cause of truth. Soon the battle will be over and you will be safe in the kingdom of light. In the meantime, never give up the battle for righteousness, and you will soon receive your reward in heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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