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Dearest Ones, I am pleased with the spiritual growth of all of you, for you are seeking my face daily and communing with me to the best of your ability, and as I have already promised, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. I have unlimited treasures which I will open for you each day as you continue to faithfully seek me and obey my counsel.

The topic for today is “cherishing.” You may see this as being a strange word for my topic, but as you shall see, it is a precious and vital character quality that is a part of the elements of love. When I say that I love and cherish you, it is because cherish is a definitive quality in true love that bonds two people together in a love relationship which cannot be broken, and which can be felt by both the giver and receiver. A man cherishes his wife because she is a vital part of himself, and without her, he feels alone and empty. Without the cherished one, his life is not the same. Therefore, he feels a great need to protect her and provide for her, and a desire to always have her at his side. And when she is gone, he searches for her until he finds her and brings her back to himself again.

And that is exactly how I feel about my people—my Bride. Although I have the eternal love of my Father, and the adoration of the angels and other created beings in my vast universe, I am not satisfied until I have my precious, beloved ones with me from the human race who fell away from me, but now I see the fulfillment of my soul in the faithful ones in the final generation who represent all those who have gone before, and are the finished product of my sacrifice, my love, and my grace. It is so gratifying to my soul to converse freely with you and to share with you what is on my heart every day, for I cherish you as the finished product of my Bride. In ages past, I could only communicate the amount of light that the people could understand about me and the plan of salvation. But now I can share with you the accumulated light of the ages, and because you have lived up to the light that you have received, I can also share with you the culmination of the war against evil, and know that you will cherish the light that I give you and follow me to the end.

So now is my hour of joy and rejoicing, for with you at my side, I will go forward to finish the work I began even before I came to earth as a human baby and became one of you. It seems like a supreme sacrifice and a mystery which is unfathomable that I should do this, but the secret of my sacrifice for you is the word for today—cherish. How can I be happy in heaven without you? I cannot! Therefore, I have come on this expensive errand to save and retrieve you to myself and present you to my Father to be with us throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. Now perhaps you can get a glimpse of the meaning of the word, “cherish.” It means that I love and cherish you enough to sacrifice my life to provide a way back for you, and restore our relationship which was broken by the sin of your first parents and passed on down through the centuries. It means that you are the apple of my eye, and that you are never alone, for my presence is with you through my Spirit. It means that my soul is lonely when you go on with your life and disregard our relationship and focus upon other people and other things to meet the needs of your soul that only I can fulfill. But it also means that my joy is complete as I see you desiring to connect with me even as I always have connected with my Father in an unbroken relationship of love and cherishing each other. That is why I always say, I will never leave nor forsake you, because I see you responding to my love and the wooing of my Spirit, and I would, and did, die for you rather than see you perish in your sins. So go to your day’s activities with a joyful heart, trusting in my promises, and leaning constantly upon me, for I am ever at your side, and as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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