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Dearest Ones,

I am sorry for your distress in the meeting last night. Satan was very angry that I had revealed to you the blueprint of the six thousand years, showing that the complete fulfillment has now come, and that this is the final generation. He wants people to feel that it is business as usual, and that there could be many more years of complacency. So that is why he was especially angry and disruptive last night in the conference call. But the light still shined, and I will continue to shed more light on this subject.

Now for the subject of today. It is complacency. Yes, this seems to be a strange subject to talk about, but I have reasons for bringing it up. The human heart longs for calm and status quo, because any kind of agitation is discomforting and undesirable. The problem is that in this world of sin, there is no place of rest except as you find it in me. For the true Christian, this world is a battle and a march, for Satan never sleeps and never rests, and his major target is my chosen ones. Yes, he certainly spreads his wares across the earth, and does as much damage and evil as he can, or what I will permit him to do, for his only pleasure or satisfaction is in destruction, death, and spreading evil. But his main target is my people who follow me and love me and my principles, for they are ever a reminder to him that his kingdom is doomed, and love and righteousness will win at last.

So do not be surprised or concerned when he does battle with you and tries to discourage you, for you are an enigma to him that he cannot get you down and destroy your love and steadfastness for me. Do not let his attacks threaten or discourage you. Take courage that you are doing something right or he would not bother with you. So do not expect a life of complacency and comfort as the world does, for that would indicate that you are no threat to the evil one. But rather, accept the challenges that he brings as encouragement that you are doing something right, and find your peace and security in a closer relationship with me. I will see you through every onslaught of the enemy, and bring you out to an even greater victory over the enemy, and a broader and more effective work for me.

Now go to your Sabbath activities, and look for evidences of my favor and blessings upon you today, for I will be with you by my Spirit and my angels, to bring you light and peace from heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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