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Dearest Ones,

Today is a day of rejoicing because we are one more day closer to my coming. At last after thousands of years the reign of sin is ending. So the subject today is, Rejoice! For your redemption draweth nigh! I realize that every day when you experience trials and temptations, and when you are tired and perplexed, and your daily burdens grow heavy upon your shoulders, and you cannot see the future, it may be hard to feel like rejoicing. That's why Satan brings these things upon you, because he knows the tendency of the human heart to be so focused upon what is transpiring at the moment that it takes faith to perceive the glory that is beyond the gloom, or perplexities that daily face you. But that is why I continually counsel you to connect with me and receive my thoughts and my perspective about everything, for I can see the future and I can help you to understand the purpose for what you are now experiencing, and I have the solution to every problem, and the balm for every trial.

Today is a day for rejoicing, for it is preparation day for the Sabbath. Sabbath should be a little foretaste of heaven, for it is a special time with me and heavenly angels who want to make your Sabbath hours more uplifting and holy and bring your hearts into communion with me. I always have special blessings for the Sabbath hours if you are willing to tune in your heart to the wavelength of heaven. Many people see the Sabbath as a duty to perform, and go through it perfunctorily, as if it were just one more duty on the checklist of good behavior, and that Sabbath observance is meritorious in itself. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I say unfortunately, because I always wish that I could break into the thought patterns and conversations of the worshippers to lift them up from their common thoughts while they are talking with each other about their activities and plans and things that have happened during the past week. But I don't intrude into their agenda for the day, for I only come where I am wanted. But you, on the other hand, can be emissaries for my kingdom and bring new thoughts to the people around you and break into the commonality of their thinking, and open new avenues through which I can speak to them and raise their sights to heavenly things and present truth. I will open doors for you to do this if you are willing to be missionaries for me to use so that I can reach hearts that are otherwise not open to my Spirit.

So this week look for opportunities to share your faith with others around you, wherever you go. I will impress you and lead you if you are willing to be ambassadors for me. You will be surprised to see doors and hearts that are open to your testimony of my truth and my love for them and the message of my soon coming!

Now go to the activities of your day of preparation for my Sabbath. Do not fret or be caught up in the hustle and bustle, but go on your way rejoicing that your redemption draws near, and that Sabbath is just a foretaste of the joys to come! Lovingly, Jesus.

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