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Dearest Ones, I have a message for you today of encouragement. This is the last year of our thrust forward to warn the world of my coming, and I want you to look steadfastly to me for courage and directions every day for what each day should bring. Not a day should pass that does not make its mark for the accomplishment of my will for you that day. Spend time with me each morning and receive from me the plan that I have for you, and you will be successful and feel rewarded when the day comes to its end.

Now for the topic of today. It is fulfillment. Throughout history, there is always a plan that I have had to accomplish my purposes for that era of time. In the pre-flood era, I allowed the effects of sin to play out to display what rebellion against my laws and my government would produce in the human race. Even though I allowed the Garden of Eden to remain upon earth with visible angels of light preventing entrance, and used men like Adam, Enoch, and Noah to preach my messages of truth and warning, the majority of people heeded it not, and I was compelled to wipe them all away in the flood, with the exception of Noah and his family.

But the seeds of sin were so deeply rooted in the human heart that they continued to bear fruit in the generation that followed, and I looked for someone to stay the tide of evil. This I found in faithful Abraham who became my friend and confidant with whom I could speak openly and reveal my plans to use him as the father of a whole race of people who would know my will and preserve my laws and demonstrate to the world the blessings of following my righteous principles. Through the centuries that followed I always had some people who loved me and honored my law and my truth, but for 400 years after my faithful witness, Malachi, the fires burned low, and I had very few who heard and responded to the still, small voice of my Spirit.

Then, at the appointed time prophesied by Daniel, I came forth as the long-awaited Messiah - the Savior that they had looked forward to for centuries. But they knew me not because of their preconceived ideas that I would deliver them from the bondage and oppression of the Romans, instead of from the bondage of sin. Therefore I was wounded and bruised and rejected and slain because their selfish hearts desired a temporal advantage rather than spiritual enlightenment. So the second era of history proved that even in the highest spiritual advantage that I could provide for them, they clung to their own ways of thinking and believing, and spurned any new light beyond their cherished traditions.

But as always, I had a remnant who were open to me and cherished my principles and my teaching, and although the old regime was destroyed, the new light of the gospel of grace was preached around the world in one generation. But again, the devil waged war upon those who followed me by faith into my intercessory work in the heavenly sanctuary, and a time of deep darkness and oppression spread over the earth as the man of sin prospered. But I always allow the enemy to show what the end result of his lies will produce, so that wise men can compare his principles with mine and thus choose intelligently between truth and error. But I also put a limit on how much I will allow for my righteous purposes. All this is to display to the watching universe exactly what sin causes, so that when all is accomplished sin will not rise up a second time to defile the universe.

So the first era before the flood was allowed to show what sin would do if allowed to go unchecked by any divine intervention. The second era was allowed to show the plans of the enemy to quench and distort the light given to my chosen people through Abraham and Moses. And the third era, which began with my coming to earth the first time, has displayed the attempt of the devil through the papacy to distort my truth and throw the understanding of my intercessory work in the heavenly sanctuary to the ground and usurp the authority over my people that I alone should have. That is why I have brought forth a people from the dark ages of error into the light shining from the second apartment to finish once and for all the true understanding of the great controversy between good and evil, which started in heaven and now is about to be finished on earth. In this generation I will display all the accumulated light of all the ages past, including the understanding of the cleansing and blotting out of the sins of my penitent people. All questions will then have been answered, and the man of sin will be revealed for who he is - the vicegerent of Satan himself arrayed against my truth and my people in the last generation.

But now I will win the victory against the evil one, for I have my faithful people by my side who reveal fully the principles of my kingdom lived out in their lives. Satan's lie that you cannot be restored into my image until I change you at my coming will be refuted and the great controversy will be ended by the display of my righteous character lived out in my people. This is the calling that I have given to you for the fulfillment of the plan of salvation. All I am asking is that you walk with me every day and allow me to cleanse away every sin and wash your robes and make them white in the blood of the Lamb. Allow no evil thought to penetrate into your mind, but resist it through prayer and submission to me moment by moment. I will keep you white and clean and your mind and heart unsoiled by thoughts and feelings from the evil one. Then will be the fulfillment of the prophecy of Revelation 19:7, 8: "Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife has made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints."

This is the complete fulfillment of the plan of salvation, and I am inviting each of you to be among that number. You can if you have a personal walk with me day by day, and listen to my quiet voice guiding you, correcting you, and cleansing you of every sinful thought, deed and word. The choice is yours, for the time is now. It is not too late to be among the ones who will be in the Ark of safety when the door of mercy closes. My only requirement is to surrender yourself and follow me. And I will see you safely through the days ahead until I come. I am counting on you to be among the saved ones who will greet me with joy when I come to take you home to live with me forever! Lovingly, Jesus.

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