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Diversity in Unity

Dearest Ones, My heart and mind are exercised with sympathy for all you are going through right now in various trials and experiences which tax your mind and emotions; but I am bending over you to see you through them and bring you out into pleasant places. We are in transition right now into the final phase of earth’s history, and soon the fullness of the latter rain will fall and everyone will be taxed to the limit to get the word out about my soon coming, and how to be prepared for it. But fear not, for I will carry the heaviest part of the load for you, and provide everything for you that you will need, both for yourself and for the work that needs to be accomplished. Angels will be assigned to each of you to guide, direct, and speak through you the message that I will assign to you. No two people will have the exact same duties, but everyone will have the same message—the nearness of my coming and how to prepare for it.

Now for the topic of today. I want to talk to you about unity in diversity. Since I have created no two people with just the same experience with me, and just the same calling, you may at times feel that someone else has a greater work than you do, or that the importance of someone is of higher value with me. But I want you to look back in history and see how I worked through people to accomplish my purposes, whether by many or by few. Moses was my stalwart champion who had the gift to hear my voice and relay it to the people, and also great gifts of leadership with which to lead and implement my plans for my people. But as you know, I conferred upon others gifts that would augment his leadership in order to accomplish all that needed to be done for my glory. So it is in every great work on earth. There must always be leaders who hear my voice and go forward to mark out the way. So it is even in heaven, where the perfect angels do my bidding joyously at every moment. But every angel has an important part of the plan which cannot be transferred to another, [4 BC 1173] or else the whole plan would suffer for want of that one part. It is a wheel within a wheel, as Ezekiel saw in vision, [Eze. 1:16] in order for the work to be done perfectly and efficiently.

Can you imagine the problems that were caused in heaven when Lucifer defected and took a third of the angels with him to become my enemies and attempt to overcome the government in heaven? This was no small threat, because even though my Father and I had anticipated the problem that would be caused by this threat and were prepared for it, yet the perfect plan of heaven was marred in its beauty and completeness as we had created it to be. The defection of Lucifer and his followers necessitated the plan which was instituted when the earth was created, and the plan of recovery was set in motion. Adam and Eve were created to repopulate the earth with beings who would replace the fallen angels, as I have already stated in the writings of my servant, Ellen White. [7 BC 949.] I planted in them the various gifts and talents and personalities that would take the place of the angels who fell. This plan was not haphazard, but purposeful and deliberately thought out by my Father and me, because nothing and no one is expendable in what we do and what we create. Everything we do is purposeful, and a part of the perfect plan for the universe. So now you can see why the creation of the earth was vital for reestablishing the perfect plan which Satan had broken by his defection. Not one blueprint of one person is expendable.

So why didn’t I simply create new angels with the same blueprints of those who fell? Because to do this would have taken the same risk again as had been in the first place. The new beings would have to take the same cycle of learning, with the risk that because I always create beings with a free will, someone might choose again to walk in the sparks of their own kindling, and try the experiment into sin all over again. So this world was created to have the gift of procreation where godly parents could have children who would be taught from their earliest moments of life to know me and my principles and my government of love, and thus to understand me and choose holiness from a standpoint of intelligent cooperation. That is why I instructed the Israelites to diligently train up their children in the way they should go, so that they would always know and follow the paths of righteousness.

Do you ever wonder why it has taken 6000 years to reproduce the righteous blueprint people that I require? It is because I allow freedom of choice and intelligent cooperation from a heart of understanding and perfect agreement with my laws of love by which I govern my vast universe. And when I reach that completion of people who contain the perfected blueprints of every fallen angel, the work will be accomplished, and I will come back and reclaim my own.

Now do not think that my work on earth is arbitrary and dependent upon reaching a certain number. The door of mercy stands open for every person to enter if they will. My salvation is full and free to everyone, as it has always been. That is why, as in the days of Noah, I did not shut the door of the ark and bring the flood upon the earth as long as even one soul was still vacillating about the truth. But I know every heart, and I know when the last decision is made and the last rays of light are rejected, and there is no more hope of changing to accept the wooing of my Spirit. It has always been that way in the past, and it is that way now. No one will be turned away who sincerely wants to love me and be my child.

But I see the doors closing now, and it is a race against time to get my faithful people ready for the close of probation and my soon coming. Probation closes when every person has made their final decision for or against the light that I am sending to the people of earth through my chosen ones. That is why I can accurately predict the time of my coming, because I know the condition of every person’s heart all over the world. That is not to infer that I have not had foreknowledge of the time of my coming, but I gauge the timing of my coming by the condition of the hearts of people and their response to the wooing of my Spirit and their reception or rejection of the preaching of my chosen ones. And it has taken this 6000 year period to prepare a group of people who would understand and go through the cleansing that is necessary to be among the 144,000, who represent all the people that have ever lived, and all the blueprints of every tribe on earth. That is why they will take the place of leadership which was forfeited by Lucifer, for I will never again create the massive blueprint of Lucifer, which contained all the blueprints in one being, as I have spoken about in Ezekiel. [See Eze. 28:11-19.]

But now I have an even better plan—144,000 perfected persons from earth who represent all of mankind, and have experienced every taunt and temptation of Satan and have overcome every evil that could be brought to them, by my blood and because of love for me and an understanding and agreement with my laws, my character, and my government. They will help me rule my vast universe forever so that sin will never rise again. Isn’t that a wonderful plan? Even though I had to give my life to obtain it, and make it possible, yet it is infinitely worth everything, for it completely destroys the possibility of defection, for everyone will have seen the results of sin, and will have chosen righteousness. And although I will create new beings again, the record of the plan of salvation and my sacrifice will forever answer any question that could arise. And with my redeemed people around my throne who have experienced sin and overcome, the universe will be safe for endless joy, endless happiness, and endless peace and love. With me you can explore all the beautiful things that I have made for you. And you will meet the angels who have loved and cared for you and guided you in safe paths. And best and most glorious of all, you will meet my Father, who loves you so much that he gave me to die for you. He is waiting with open arms to receive you to Himself at last! And so am I, and all the hosts of heaven, who will bow in adoration around the throne to welcome my Bride.

Until then, keep looking up and trusting me through every trial, watching for my providences and listening for my voice. The time will not be long now, and you will be in heaven with me. In the meantime, do the work that I have assigned to you individually and collectively, and soon the work will be done and the number of my kingdom made up. Good-bye for now, but always keep the green cord of faith in your heart, and remember to use it anytime that you need to connect with me, for as always, I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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