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Dear Ones, I want you to know that I am with you today in a very special way, because the loud cry is about to begin. In every age I have had faithful people who gave the loud cry of my truth for their generation. And now I have a small group of faithful ones who are preparing to give the final loud cry to the world. Many, even in my church, will scoff or ignore the messages that I will send through you, but many others will see the light and join you just as they did in the 1844 movement. And together you will swell the messages of truth and light to the world.

My topic today is truth. Without my Spirit moving upon the heart and mind of the hearers, truth cannot be discerned by the carnal heart, because it speaks of things too marvelous and wonderful to penetrate through the miasma of lies and errors and darkness that Satan has been sending out into the world for centuries and is picked up by people whose carnal desires rule them. They actually prefer lies to truth, because truth cuts down to the very core of one’s being and demands a decision to either receive or reject it on the basis of the agreement of the hearer. It demands a drastic and complete change in the life of the hearer, and not many people are willing to make that change. When truth is presented, many are charmed by its relevancy and beauty, but like the rich young ruler, and King Agrippa, they put it off for a more convenient time. But when the decision is made to put off truth, it is often fatal, because truth either penetrates the heart and produces action, or hardens the heart beyond recovery. Its importance fades away and becomes mingled with the other affairs of life and the person goes on until the truth they once heard is no longer of importance to them. I am just telling you about this, because this is what you will meet as you go forward.

And not only this, but also don’t forget that the devil will be on your track every moment to discourage and stop you from spreading the good news of how to get ready for my soon coming, and he will urge his followers to revile and persecute you and make your work hard to discourage you. But pay no attention to him—just keep your eyes fixed upon me and I will lead you on to victory, for the time is short and the work is great. To encourage you, I will give you special men and women to help you with time and money, and using their gifts to assist you when you need it the most, for I know you cannot do everything alone. The hour is late, and people will see this and rejoice to be able to help in any way that they can. Not all who do this will go through with you, but they, too, will receive their reward. As for the core group of workers, I will give you energy and safe passage to do the work wherever you go, and funds to support you in whatever you need. Now go to the work for your day, and look to me for everything, for I am with you, I love each of you dearly, and you are always on my heart. So do not fear to ask me for anything you need, for I am, and always will be, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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