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How God Created Marriage to Function

Dearest Ones, My topic today is one that is very dear to my heart, because it takes us back to the very beginning of the human race, and what it was meant to be like before sin was introduced into the human family. I want to share with you today what I meant for marriage to be like, and how it was supposed to function in a perfect world and society. I gave the gift of marriage, because I know that it would bring the greatest happiness. I also knew that if man would fall, it would bring the greatest misery and grief. But because I always create my best and highest ideal, I gave the human race the gift of marriage. Now that we are approaching the end of all things, I am now bringing back my ideal, and offering it to all those who will go with me through the cleansing and blotting out of sin, so that the universe can see what marriage was supposed to be. Because man and woman fell together, so I want them to be cleansed together and be restored to the original state of tranquility and happiness that was once theirs before the fall. So I will disclose to you some of the secrets of success or failure in this most sacred union.

When I took Eve from Adam’s side, I did not take just a rib from Adam, but I took from him the most sensitive side of his nature and placed it in Eve. This is why Eve was more open to the temptation of Satan through the serpent, because he appealed to her more sensitive, feeling side. Women are supposed to explore thoughts and feelings in the same way that men are supposed to explore the earth over which they preside, and have been given kingship by God, and even the desire to reach out to the universe beyond. The left brain of the man is to be a covering for the woman, as even the Holy Spirit is subject to the sovereignty of God the Father and God the Son. All three are coequal, and all three are a part of all plans and all decisions that are made, but the Spirit is submissive to the directives of the Father and the Son, as to how these directives and plans will be implemented and carried out. [See Gen. 1:1-3; Rev. 4:1-3, 4; 5:6.]

So woman is to have rights of counsel which would bring to man the insights that have been given to her to help, aid and counsel him through the leading of the Holy Spirit, but she is still subject to his final decision about the matter and let God lead him to ponder and pray about it and receive affirmation and acceptance by the Lord, or to reject it on the basis of further knowledge that he gets from the Lord considering the appropriateness or timing of her thoughts and insights on the matter. If he has made the wrong decision, she is to take it to the Lord and pray for God to intervene and wait for God’s timing and protection and guidance. However, there are matters over which the man has no jurisdiction and control, and those are areas of right and wrong in which God only is her husband and protector, and in these personal areas the husband is not to assume the role of God over her. She still has her individuality – her power of choice – that belongs only to God. These areas the couple should pray about separately, and come to a God-centered agreement, and observe these areas faithfully. Otherwise, the rights of freedom of choice will be compromised or destroyed, and love will cease to exist, for in either case, whether by the man or by the woman, control of the conscience by either one destroys safety, individuality, happiness, and love. That is why I do not rule over anyone’s conscience, as Satan always tries to do. I set everyone free to choose which pathway they will take, even if it means eternal death.

To preserve free choice, I came to set the captives free, for Satan had already taken control of everyone’s mind and conscience by force or subterfuge, because when Adam and Eve sinned, they turned over the rights of their progeny to make a free choice to serve and honor me. Thus I became the Lamb slain from the foundation of the word, to bring back freedom of choice to the human race and free those who all their lives were in subjection to the evil one. So now, in the case of the human family, I want to reestablish the beauty of family relationships the way I created them in the beginning. Adam was to be the king and ruler of the world that I had given him. His left brain was to be in subjection to my Holy Spirit at all times. Eve was to stand by his side as co-ruler with him over the birds of the air, the fish that swam in the waters, and the animals and vegetation upon the ground, and over everything that I had put under their jurisdiction. But they were not to rule over each other, but to confer together and come to the best conclusion after listening to each other’s thoughts and ideas about the matter. Adam was to listen to Eve’s thoughts and suggestions and incorporate them into his final conclusions about the matter. Both were to be subject to the influence and leadership of the Holy Spirit, and, of course, personal communion with me in our visits together.

Now I want to re-establish this perfect pattern in families again among my chosen ones. Because of the problems caused by sin, you must be fully committed to the leading and counsel of my Spirit to avoid trampling upon each other’s personal conscience and relationship with me, for sin has made you headstrong and self-protective instead of submissive to me as I work through each of you to preserve the identity I have given to each of you. But if you look to me, I will help you to re-establish the beautiful relationship of love and unity and harmony that I gave to Adam and Eve in the beginning, that models the relationship of my Father and me, and all the angels of heaven as we work together in perfect harmony and love and submission to one another’s needs and individuality without ever losing our roles as co-workers together. Only Satan and his angels broke away from the perfect, harmonious relationships that exist in heaven. Therefore, I want to plant the seeds of love and respect for each other, and have homes that are once again modeled after the divine pattern. I will help you to do this, and help you to love and respect each other and work together in perfect harmony once again.

Do you want to join me in this endeavor, and cooperate with me in the re-creation of the human family back into the image of the divine family? If you do, you will reap the results of your decision and cooperation with me throughout eternity, for I will bestow on you the pleasures and joys and happiness and divine love and unity even now, even here, before I come, to prove that love conquers all sinful tendencies, and restores humanity to its original purity and holiness.

Now go to the activities of the day, but keep me in your hearts always, for you can never weary me, never exhaust the measure of love that I have for you. You are my treasure and the reward for all my sufferings, and I feel every heartbeat and every fear and loneliness, and I will turn your captivity if you simply look to me and trust me. Keep me ever in your heart and mind. Just trust and follow the leading of my Spirit and you will be safe, for I am always and forever, just a prayer away. Lovingly, Jesus.

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