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Dearest ones, on this Sabbath day I am thinking forward to the time when we will be together forever, never more to part, no more sin, no more suffering, no more death. But this morning I want to address the topic of fruitfulness. In my Father's garden are many trees lovely to behold, that beautify are home. The central tree in the garden is the Tree of Life which spans the River of Life on both sides. This Majestic and beautiful tree represents the endless life that comes from the Father and the Son as a free gift to everything that we have made, both animate and inanimate. It is our joy to create and our joy to sustain what we have created. But because, as I have said before, we create all things with a free will, we have planted trees in our garden home from which you may freely choose to pick and eat, or you can choose not to. This is figuratively speaking, because I know that your great delight and pleasure forever will be to avail yourselves of all the bounties that we have provided for you. But the principal is that even with our provisions for you, there is complete freedom of choice. You can partake of our bounties as freely as you wish, and as little or as much as you desire. The purpose of my sharing this with you is to point out that everything that we provide for you is freely given, but you determine by your choices how much you will receive. Some gather much fruit and others comparably little, but in my kingdom, all are satisfied. Even here on earth, some study deeply and reach out for higher goals, and some choose to live quiet lives of productivity within a smaller range or sphere. But all are acceptable to me as long as they are partaking of my bounties and sharing them freely with others.

Be blessed, now, and always remember that the fruit trees in my garden are there for you to partake and eat freely as much as you desire. The more you partake, the more you will know of me, and the more you will have to share with others. The choice is yours both now and throughout eternity! Lovingly, Jesus.

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