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Submission - 2

Dearest one's, I am thinking today of the struggle you are going through each day, and wanting you to know that I am allowing you to go through only the experiences that are necessary for your cleansing and deliverance, and preparation for the times just ahead. I am with you every moment, just as I was with the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace. I didn't stop the king from throwing them into the fire, but I walked with them through it, and as a result my name and my truth was honored and glorified, and only the ropes that bound them were burned away. So it is with you at this time. The trials that beset you now are for your release and my glory and honor and the fulfillment of my purposes and plans for you. Just move forward at my leading and command, and you will see the glory of my purposes for you.

Now for the topic of the day. The subject is submission. There are two sides to the subject of submission. The first is total submission to my ultimate plan and will for your life. In order to produce this kind of submission, you must stay in constant day-by-day connection with me, because only I know what is on the agenda for that day. Of course, you can and must have your plans for each day. But like me when I was upon earth, I submitted my plans to my Father, and he directed me moment-by-moment through the Holy Spirit as to how my plans would be carried out or given up as the day went on. My generalized plan for my life everyday was to mingle with the people and preach the good news and interact with them and meet their needs, whether for physical healing or for mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. They needed to know that I was their long-awaited Messiah, and by my life, correct the misconceptions about me that had been taught and believed over the centuries of waiting. They needed to get to know me personally as their Savior and Friend, and to choose on that basis whether they wanted to believe in me or not, and whether to become my disciples and accept my offer of eternal life, or reject it and cling to the traditions of the spiritual leaders at that time.

And so it is now. We have come to the time appointed for the latter rain, the cleansing and blotting out of sin, and the sealing of my true followers who love and serve me with their whole heart. And again, most people are as unaware of the time as if I had never spoken about it by my prophets and described what the signs would be of my coming. Therefore, I am choosing to once again manifest myself to my true followers to whom I can reveal my thoughts and instructions each day. And you can choose whether you want to believe them or not by the Spirit that speaks to your heart. You may and should test these messages by the word of God and the appropriateness of the messages to your life. If you choose to listen and believe, you will feel my call to get ready for my coming and cast all earthly treasures out of your life that would keep you from preparing your souls and hearts to be ready and to help others get ready.

And here is where the test is, just as it was at my first coming. Will you give up your cherished idols and opinions and let them go and make every effort that is necessary to get to know me and allow me to guide you safely through the days of peril that lie before you? If so, you will be blessed beyond measure, but you will also suffer trials along the journey home. This is the time of the shaking predicted by the prophets. This means that everything and everyone that can be shaken out will be shaken out. Loved ones and families may be separated, for you are not saved in groups, but by a personal love relationship with me. Some families will go together through the end, and some will not. Whatever the case, you must keep your focus upon me and my voice leading you onward and still onward in the narrow path to heaven. I will provide for all your legitimate needs for food, clothing, and shelter, as well as the companionship of others of like faith. Some will not bear up under these trials, and will fall off the pathway into the dark world below. But you must not lose your bearings or your faith in me and my eternal purposes and plans for you. Submission to my will for you moment-by-moment is the key to continual success, and persevering to the final end of the journey.

Today is a new day for each of you, and I have plans for you today. But I will not push my will or my presence upon you. You must seek for me with faith that I am right there beside you, loving you, guiding you, sustaining you and supporting you. Please don't look around at others who do not share the same faith relationship with me that you do. Keep your eyes upon me, and you will be safe. And the key to success is first seeking me until you know my will for you, and then submitting to my will and going forward by faith. Are you willing to do this today and every day until I come? If you are, then we will journey safely to the heavenly kingdom ~ you my loyal servants and precious friends, and I your strength, your way, your righteousness, and your security. Submission to me means safety and success in the perilous days ahead, and the joy of companionship with me both now and throughout eternity.

Now go to the duties of your day, but keep your heart open to my guidance and my quiet but sure presence with you. Never fear, never give way to panic or discouragement. If you do, that indicates that you are not looking to me to supply your needs. So drop your burdens at my feet and let me carry you in my strong arms. You cannot worry me, you cannot have any challenges for which I do not have solutions. The key is letting me have control of your life, and submitting to my will for you, and remembering that whatever happens, I am just a prayer away. Lovingly, Jesus.

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