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Dearest Ones,

I am very near to my servants today around the world. They are hastening to do the work that I have assigned them. Some are tending the sick, others are writing, speaking, traveling, and faithfully doing the work that I have called and equipped them to do. I look on these with pleasure. But it is not the greatness of the work that is done but the spirit in which it is done that makes it valuable to me. The humble duties of everyday life are just as pleasing to me if they are done in a spirit of love and service for me and to be a blessing to others. I also see some who have been valiant soldiers of the cross who are no longer able to do the work they once did because of infirmities. These are just as precious to me as they were in their prime years of service for me, and their works do follow them. If they prove to be faithful, they will yet do a work for me in the days ahead before I come. Hold fast to your faith for your redemption is near!

Now for the topic of today. It is "generosity." There is a characteristic in man's fallen nature to provide for one's own needs and desires, but feel that giving to others equals taking away from themselves. If I were not involved, that would be true. But I have a law of giving that rewards the giver so that their generosity is a means of enlarging their capacity for receiving even more. There is no end to my resources, and the law of giving is that the more you give, the more I will give back to you. [Luke 6:38.] So if I ask you to give, never fear that you will be disadvantaged. However, there is an exception to this rule. When people give simply to be seen of men and to display their wealth for their own glory, the motive is not generosity, but self-aggrandizement. Every act is judged by its motive [Prov. 16:2, NIV], and I give no rewards for selfish giving, or services done which are supposedly done in my name, but are really for the power and fame of the giver. [Matt. 6:1-4.]

Now I want to return to the subject of generosity. This is not a quality that comes from the carnal nature, for the carnal nature is completely self-oriented. It may be that even savages have sometimes displayed characteristics of helpfulness or giving that is a blessing to someone in need. But that is because my Spirit is always ranging around the earth and working in the hearts of anyone who is open to receive heavenly impressions. [2 Chron. 16:9; Ps. 33:13-15; Prov. 15:3.] There will be people in heaven who never had a missionary to teach them, but were open to my Spirit and responded as much as they understood. But there will be many more who could have been saved if they had the opportunity for further light and a helping hand.

Nevertheless, I am not blaming anyone - I am just stating the facts of the great loss of humanity that sin has caused. But I want to go back to a more pleasant outlook this morning. I want you to look up and be joyful that your heavenly Father sees every good deed that you do out of a pure heart of love for someone around you. Generosity is not just an act, but a state of mind. It is of heavenly origin and cannot be manufactured by works. But it can be encouraged by responding to the good impulses that I send to you through the Holy Spirit when you see someone in need.

Even children can exercise generosity. Do you notice someone who has a sad face or a furrowed brow? Wouldn't they be surprised and blessed if you gave them a smile and shared part of your lunch with them? There are many things in this life that can make people sad. But there are not many who know how to bring hope and courage to the people around them. Wouldn't it be a good thing to ask your heavenly Father to give you the gift of generosity? He would love to answer that prayer, for he is the most generous being in the whole universe! Today go out of your way to touch the life of someone who needs your spirit of cheerfulness and generosity. Ask me to give you eyes that see the needs of others, and a gift to give each one who could benefit from your heartfelt generosity. Cheerful givers receive more than they give because they have not only the joy of giving, but also the joy of working together with me and receiving my approbation and approval.

Go now to your day's activities, but remember to look to me in everything that you do and I will bless you and keep you close to me and you will be honored in heaven for representing me on earth. Lovingly, Jesus.

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