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The Harvest

Dearest Ones,

The hour is late for the probation of the world, and the time for my coming draws near! I am sending my angels around the world to seek out every soul who is honest in heart and is looking for the light that only I can give them. The avenues that I have made available to reach the masses of people all around the earth are already in place. The technology that I have permitted and inspired has made it possible to send the last warning message quickly to every part of the globe. Now my greatest need is for people who are fully committed to getting out the light of my soon coming, and how to prepare to meet me in peace. Every person must have an opportunity to make their choice for truth. This sounds like a monumental task to be accomplished in such a short time, but much of the work has already been done.

My church has been spreading the truth to the world for over a hundred and fifty years, and much work has already taken place behind the scenes that only I can see. I estimate the readiness of each soul to be susceptible to truth by their acceptance or rejection of the rays of light they already have. Many people in the world have already passed the limits of their probation because they have consistently resisted any light that I have sent to them and have already chosen to follow the evil one. Television and movies, rock music and drugs, have taken millions down to perdition and destroyed the finer sensibilities of their minds beyond healing. Others have come into contact with a measure of light, but have turned from it and chosen darkness. Some are so destroyed even from birth that they have no capacity for reasoning from cause to effect, and I will not hold them responsible, or raise them up for the second death after the thousand years. They will be like the cattle and the beasts of the earth who have no capacity for higher levels of thinking.

But there are still many who are in the valley of decision, and are open to further light than they presently have. These are the ones to whom angels are sent to minister, and the Holy Spirit still strives with them. Many are in difficult situations such as broken homes, abusive marriages, low poverty conditions, ill-health, etc. But there are also people of all levels of society who are seeing the signs in the earth that I am sending to awaken people to the awareness that the end of the world is near. These are the souls with whom I am still striving to open their hearts to the truths that I have given my people to prepare them for my coming.

As the loud cry goes forth, I will give additional light and power to penetrate into the hearts of the hearers, and help them to make final choices between truth and error. This process will not take long, for the condition of the world and the condition of the hearts of people everywhere is already ripe for the reaping. But without my people and their dedication to the task, there would be no reaping, for the angels need human agents through whom to speak, and my Spirit must have human voices and human hands to reach out to needy souls.

Therefore, I am opening doors of providence for everyone who is willing to join the army of messengers around the world who will take the message of how to prepare for my coming to every home and every person who is longing for truth. For the most part, this must be through the media, for there is not time for a personal visit to each person. Therefore, utilize the media and the lines of communication that I have provided. Avail yourselves of these, for they are very effective for reaching large amounts of people in a short period of time. This is a very thrilling time to be alive and working for me in my vineyard, for never has there been such opportunities to reach large numbers of people in such a short period of time.

Perhaps you can now see why my subject today is "the harvest." The seeds have been sown, and it is time to reap the harvest of the earth. Now perhaps it is clear why I said in Matthew [13:24-30; 36-43], to allow the weeds to grow together with the good grain until the harvest, because until all the light of both the early and latter rain is available for people to make an intelligent decision, it cannot be clearly demonstrated before the universe who are true-hearted believers and who are not. At that time everyone will show what is in their hearts by their decisions for or against the truth. This is why the truth must be clearly presented, and also lived out in the lives of those who present it.

Every matter must have a second witness [Deut. 17:6; 19:15; Matt. 18:16], and before I allow the eternal death of the wicked, this principle must be fulfilled. Therefore, the truth that is spoken must be second-witnessed by the cleansed life of the speaker; and my perfect life must be second-witnessed by the perfected lives of my followers. If my plan of salvation cannot produce people who are saved from sin and sinning, then Satan will use that as an argument against me and in his favor. But I have demonstrated throughout the history of the world that I have always had a people who have loved me and agreed with my laws and kept my covenant of love.

It is now time for the final demonstration of the effectiveness of my plan of salvation as exemplified by those who shall live during the events of the culmination of history, and have perfected their characters and honored me when the whole world is worshipping the Beast and his image. No amount of coercion, even the threat of death, will dissuade them from their allegiance to me. [GC 665.] Thus the great controversy will be finished, and the power and effectiveness of my perfect life and sacrificial death on Calvary and my ministry in the heavenly Sanctuary before the throne of my Father will be completely demonstrated.

You are my trophies from the last generation on earth, for you are standing for the truth amidst the errors and apostasy in the Christian world. Some of my own people have imbibed in these errors, but I will continue to call to them as long as there is any desire for truth in their hearts. I am loath to close my intercessory work as long as there is one honest soul who is longing and sighing for truth. That is why I have sent my angels throughout the world to test every heart and reap the golden wheat of the earth.

Go now to the activities of your day, but make every moment count as I guide you through the day by my Spirit. You cannot fail to please me if you keep your heart open to my counsel and guidance. Raise your voice like a trumpet and declare that the end is near and hasting greatly, for the time has come for the marriage of the Lamb, and my people are now cleansing their lives and preparing for the wedding! Lovingly, Jesus.

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