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Dearest Ones,

Today is a special day in the courts of heaven for we are rejoicing to see that our beloved children are moving forward in preparing for my second coming. You cannot hear the songs of the angels, but perhaps you can catch by faith the glory of knowing that my true followers are moving into line with the call of my Spirit.

Now for the topic of today. It is "genuineness." It is easy to put on an act for outsiders who do not know you intimately. But it is sometimes difficult to live inside your home with those closest to you with the same kindness and courtesy that is given to those outside of your family circle. To have an outward persona that is different than your true self is not acceptable to God! Many Christians are well-behaved at church or at work, but are unkind within their family circle. A true Christian lives a godly life wherever he is, and brings the Holy Spirit's influence to all around him.

For example, a godly wife is a constant blessing to her husband and children, shedding the grace of God upon all the members of her household, as well as others within the sphere of her influence. A godly husband is kind and considerate of his wife and children, and helps them to bear their burdens, bringing the influence of the heavenly Father into the home. Godly children are respectful and helpful to their parents, and are a blessing to their associates.

Perhaps by now you are thinking that this is an impossible standard to reach, with all the pressures of life upon everyone, including children. But it is possible if you set your goals to reach this pattern and look to me constantly for wisdom, help, and guidance in the daily challenges of life. If this is impossible, I wouldn't be speaking about it today! Every challenge you meet is an invitation to seek me for the strength and wisdom to meet it with me beside you and the Holy Spirit and angels guiding you and giving you strength and victory. The goal is to never speak impatiently, or even to think negative thoughts about anyone in your interactions with people.

In your daily life you will, of course, come against problems caused by the enemy. Send up a prayer to me for guidance, patience, and wisdom. Use the opportunity to be a blessing. If you do not lock into connection with me at that moment, you will surely fall short of the goal of being a blessing to them and a glory to God. I desire that my children represent me accurately in the earth and society, and in order to do this you must have a vital connection with me every day, because the nature of fallen humanity is centered around self and self-serving. As you see written in the Scriptures, I came to be a servant of servants and set an example of the character I want my followers to have with each other. But you can only do this if you are drinking from the ever-flowing fountain of my Holy Spirit and receive the constant refreshing of grace that only I can give you. Kindness, love, compassion, and patience are fruits from the Tree of Life; as you partake of my Spirit you will be able to exemplify the fruits and graces of the Spirit, and as you do so you will not only bless others, but will yourself be blessed.

So as you meet the challenges of each day, focus your mind upon the blessings that come from being a genuine Christian both at home and wherever you are. Let the people around you and those who come into contact with you breathe the atmosphere of heaven just by being near you. You cannot produce this quality of grace if you are just trying to be like a Christian on the outside. You may fool people for a while, and even yourself. But those closest to you will see the real person that you are, and that the graces of the Holy Spirit are lacking when you are not under the public eye. "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up!" [James 4:10.]

Remember the story of Peter. He was unconverted until his public failure at my trial caused him to see his great need of humility and true-hearted conversion. Then he became a mighty worker for me in my vineyard. That is why I counseled him to feed my lambs. If you cannot be kind and loving and patient with the lambs in the flock, there is need of a deeper cleansing of soul and a closer walk with me to produce humility and genuineness of Christian character.

So today is a new day to learn of me and walk with me in the lowly paths of service for those around you. May they see your sweet spirit of love and compassion, tenderness and helpfulness, and patience under trying circumstances, and be drawn to be in your company. This is the fruit of the life of a genuine Christian, and this is the character that I bequeath to you as an inheritance for being a citizen of the kingdom of light. With me by your side, you never need to be morose or impatient or unhappy, because your happiness comes not from the things of earth, but from the Spirit of God, who is your Father and mine. And when you are a part of our family, it will be shown by the daily demonstration of your life as a genuine Christian who is a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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