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Going Forward

Dearest Ones, Today is a very special day! First of all, it is the Sabbath—the day that I have blessed to commemorate my finished creation, and my first full day with Adam and Eve. Oh, how I loved them and cherished their love and fellowship, and eagerness to be with me and converse and worship together! But now I have the same joy in fellowshipping with you who are eagerly learning and accepting my truth for the final generation, and your sweet, childlike love and devotion to me and willingness to do whatever I ask of you. Of course, I have always had a remnant in every time in history, and I loved them as equally, but this time I am able to open up my heart about anything I want to share with you, because all the light of the ages is shining upon you, and your hearts are open and eagerly accepting, and sharing it. That makes it possible for me to go forward with my plans, which have been laid from the foundation of the world, to finish transgression and bring in everlasting righteousness. My right arm and my power will do this, but I must have you at my side to support, second-witness, and show in your lives that my plan of salvation is fully sufficient to redeem fallen sinners from the grasp of the evil one, and to restore them to the original purity and obedience with which I created Adam and Eve at the beginning. Now I will go forward with my plan, and soon we will be finished with sin and sinners, and I will recreate the beautiful world that I gave you, and make it even more beautiful, because everything I do is better and more complete than anything that Satan can do to tear down and destroy my first work.

So rejoice with me that the end is near! Fear nothing or anyone or any attack of the evil one, for you must always keep in mind that he is a beaten foe. I won completely over him and his kingdom at the cross of Calvary. And by my resurrection and mediation, I now bring that victory to you. Satan can have no more power over you than you give him by submitting to his evil power and his lies to frighten and discourage you. And did you know that when everything in your life that is disagreement with me is cleansed, and the principles of my law are written upon your heart and mind, I will provide complete protection for you so that he can no longer have access to tempt you and dishearten you and bring darkness and despair to your soul? Fortunately, you are rapidly progressing to that point of your cleansing, for that is what the cleansing is all about, and the purpose for it. Every point where you have submitted to, or believed in, the lies of the evil one must be seen and put away, and replaced by my truth. Since holiness is agreement with me, and no one can see me in all my glory unless they are cleansed of all sin—which is simply being in disagreement with me on any point of character— therefore, the cleansing of the lies that you have been believing all your life from the evil one must be seen and put away, and replaced with my truth. Then your character will be cleansed, and my character—my thoughts and feelings about everything—will be reproduced in you, and you can see me in all my resplendent glory without being destroyed by the brightness of my coming, for my glory destroys anything that has even one particle of sin and rebellion.

Now go to your day rejoicing in me, because my redemption of your souls is progressing day by day to bring about agreement with me in all matters, and that means that you will soon receive the stamp of my approval upon your heart and mind—the seal that I have promised to give those who follow me closely moment by moment until their lives are conformed to my image. It is true that I have a prior sealing work in all generations for my true and faithful followers who have allowed me to stamp my character upon their lives in all areas of known sin when they renounced these sins and followed me in all the light they had at that time. But the final generation must have conquered every tendency to evil and every lie and temptation of the devil, and every character defect in the full light shining from the throne of my Father upon the final generation. Thus this generation has all the accumulated light of the generations which have gone before you, plus all the additional light which is needed to complete and fully represent my perfect character in all aspects as I lived it before mankind when I was upon earth. Therefore this generation will be the finished product of all ages of history, and will bring the curtain down upon the reign of sin and the works of the devil. Doesn’t your heart throb with joy at the prospect and realization that this is the generation for the final display of my love to and through you? Heaven has been waiting and working for centuries for this to be produced, and for the harvest to be ripe. And now it is not only ripe, but if we were to allow it to go on any longer, the fruit of the earth would be over-ripe and the harvest would be lost. So bear with me and the cleansing work I am doing in and for you just a little longer, and soon the seal upon your heart and mind will be fixed for eternity, and you will be safe under the shelter of my wings, and probation will close.

In the meantime, do not worry or become depressed about anything, because I am every near at your side to help you and open the doors for you and give you the power of my Spirit to support you in the cleansing work, the sealing of your souls, and the power of the present message of truth as it swells into the loud cry. I am so pleased with your precious attitude and openness to my Spirit and eagerness to learn everything you can learn and go forward, trusting in me. Your reward will be greater than you can imagine. Never doubt my love for you and my patience with you when you err. Your mistakes will grow less and less as you grow in the light of the latter rain that is falling upon you.

Go now to the activities and joys of this Sabbath day of fellowshipping with me, the heavenly messengers which I send you, and the fellowship with each other. And never, never doubt that I am, as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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