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The Full Light of His Character Shining Through Us

Dearest Ones, My joy in your progress and your love for my principles and my communications to you, and your desire to be one with me is unbounding. Today I want to give you the burden of my heart to share with others, and to live out in your own life of service. You see, whatever people see in you, they judge that I also am, because you are my followers. It has always been that way throughout history. Yes, I have always had faithful people who loved and served me with all their hearts, and exemplified me and my character to the best of their ability to do so. But always, because of the weakness of the flesh and the uncleansed secrets and habits stored in the mind, people could only see through a glass darkly when observing me through people. But I want that to change now into the full light of my character of love shining through you. In every other generation, people were a mixture of good and evil in the sense that they were a product of their background and inheritance, combined with the power of a changed life through the acceptance of the gospel of salvation which I have provided for all mankind. But now I want a finished product of grace which restores those who accept me at this time back to the perfection of character that Adam and Eve had before they fell. That will necessitate coming into agreement with me on every point of doctrine and character that is needed to redeem mankind from every lie of the devil. That is why I am pouring out my latter rain power and light at this time, because the latter rain contains all the knowledge, power, understanding, and efficiency needed to accomplish the goal. Without the Holy Spirit, this would never be possible. But because the Holy Spirit contains all the wisdom and power that is the essence of the Godhead, He will dwell in you and guide you into all the knowledge and wisdom that is needed for your perfection of character by understanding me and my will on every point of doctrine and behavior which springs from the deepest motives of your heart and mind.

Thus it is possible for the Holy Spirit to dwell in your mind and bring to your attention everything that defiles your soul and conscience, and cleanse it away, and plant in your heart in place of these things my thoughts and feelings upon every matter, as was worked out in human flesh when I was upon earth. These victories over the flesh and the devil are now my free gift to you through the application of my blood, which represents my life, into your heart when it is given to me moment by moment for cleansing, regeneration, and infilling of the Spirit. Do your see the interaction here between me and you in this cleansing of your mind? Everything must be voluntary, for I will never force anyone to listen to me or comply with my wishes. You must ask and seek in order to find the pearl of great price, which is my character. That is why the gates of heaven are made of pearl, because it represents the purity of my Spirit which is bequeathed to you when you are willing to suffer and die completely to self, and thus we become one in mind and heart in all things. No one will enter the gates of heaven who does not have on the perfect white robe of my character, won by many battles with self and sinful tendencies, and seeking me and overcoming every battle with self and the devil by a consistent walk with me that has permitted the Holy Spirit to indwell your heart and life as He did mine. This takes persevering to the end, be the price what it may. Many—in fact most—people do not cherish the caliber of character that propels to this kind of perseverance. They run the race for a while and then get weary because they are not relying upon me for renewed strength, and they become distracted by the vicissitudes of life and fall off the path leading to life eternal. But there is always a remnant that goes from strength to strength and glory to glory, and it is these who will win the victory and will receive the prize of eternal life and the glories of my heavenly kingdom which I will give to you as a reward for all your suffering and perseverance.

Now go to your duties of the day, but always keep uppermost in your minds that the close of human probation is just ahead, and there is a great work to be done in a short time. But it is enough time, because I have provided every efficiency that you need to get the news of my coming out to the world, and how to prepare for it. Now, I will be with you, inspiring and strengthening you to accomplish everything I have on the agenda for you each day. Just keep remembering to look to me every moment and commune with me as you go through the day and you will be blessed beyond measure with my love and support, for I am, as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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