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Harmony of Spirit

Dearest Ones,

I am so happy today to see your dedication to me and your untiring efforts to spread the messages of Latter Rain truth around the world. Without this dedication the truth would languish; but as you go forward at the unction of my Spirit, I will vastly multiply your efforts through the methods I have provided to speed the light which is now shining from the second apartment of the heavenly Sanctuary that will ripen the grain and bring my people into harmony and perfect agreement with me on every issue.

Now for the topic of today. It is harmony of spirit. Rebellion started in heaven when Lucifer, the highest covering cherub and leader of the angelic host, stepped out of harmony with the laws and principles of the government of heaven, and determined in his mind and heart to set up his own kingdom based upon freedom from law and order, and being able to follow the dictates of one's own mind and conscience. That experiment, so glibly entered upon, has brought untold grief upon the family in heaven and upon earth, and even the demons themselves. Such a venture, which they set about to do in following the leader whose reasonings they trusted, has destroyed the blueprint with which I originally created them, and reduced them to miserable beings with imbecilic minds whose only goals center around destruction and greed and self-centered ambition to win the battle against my laws, my kingdom, and my people. There is no harmony between them except for the accomplishment of these goals.

But in reality, it is my government that gives freedom from the slavery of sin, and joy and happiness and oneness of spirit in all who love my law and my precepts of life, because these principles guard and guide the lives of all who accept and agree with them and allow them to be written on the tablets of their hearts. There can be no tacit, outward agreement to the law, without a heart of agreement with me that produces holiness of life, for the law is an expression of my character, and it is my Covenant of Love with you that binds us together, so that the fruits of your life spring from an inward commitment and agreement with me in every area of your life.

Let's take the example of food. Every day you must make the choice of when, what, and how much you will eat. Most people do not even consider that I need to be involved in these choices. I have your best interest in my heart and I know everything that is going on in your body constantly through the monitoring of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I also know what is going to happen to you that day, how much energy you will need, and what vitamins and minerals you will need to give you proper support for your life. I know the germs you will come in contact with, and how to see you safely and healthily through the day. Do you see how, even in your food and health habits, you need to be in living connection, harmony, and submission to my Spirit in order to be in the best condition and quality of performance? I will never force your will, but I will guide and counsel you if you are in tune with my Spirit. This will simplify your daily task of maintaining your best level of health.

Observe the results of Satan's premise that everyone should be allowed to choose for themselves without any interference from me or my laws of life. You can certainly do what you want to do, and I will not stop you; but this is like sowing to the wind and reaping the whirlwind. Being out of harmony with me, your Creator and sustainer, is similar to making the decision to commit suicide. On the contrary, living by my laws of life through the power of the indwelling Spirit of life, brings physical health and happiness.

Now consider the mental emotional, spiritual, and social side of your nature. There are laws for these things too. I will guide and direct and teach you in all these areas as well so that you may be well-balanced and happy and productive in all areas of your life. If you will listen carefully to my guiding Spirit each moment of the day, you will be safe from the wiles of the devil, for although you cannot see him lurking around you, he is hoping to pounce upon you at your weakest moment. But my angels are right there to guide and protect you and provide for your safety and well-being.

Then in your spiritual well-being, I will guide your Bible study to just the right texts and give you insights for the day to warm your heart and instruct you and give you guidance and joy and hope directly from me. If you listen to my instructions for you throughout the day, I will give you wisdom and efficiency so that you can fulfill all of your duties for that day. This is how my Father guided me in my life on earth, and this is how I will guide you if you will connect with me and allow the still small voice of my Spirit to direct you. This is also how Enoch walked with me, and this is how everyone who is translated will walk with me, even until you walk through the portals of the gates of heaven.

Now go to the activities of your day, but don't forget to keep the door of your heart open to my counsel, for to be in harmony with me is to be in harmony with the original blueprint plan for your life, and it will bring you the greatest joy, happiness, and success, and true freedom to be all that I created you to be! Lovingly, Jesus.

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