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Dearest Ones,

I am in the courts of glory today administering before my Father in behalf of my people, for the battle is becoming more fierce as the devil is more enraged because he knows that his time is short, and that his opportunity to work his deceptions upon the people will not be extended. His main target is the little band of my followers around the world as he sees them preparing for the last great battle between good and evil, and coming into the pavilion of my protection in the Most Holy Place in preparation for the close of probation and the pouring out of the plagues. Satan's company is all astir as they prepare for the last battle. But I and my angelic forces are also preparing for the last confrontation, and now I have my beloved ones by my side, ready to go through the end together. What a day of rejoicing that will be when the war between good and evil is over, and the victory is won! In the meantime, I want unbroken communion between earth and heaven to instruct and guide and guard my people.

Now for the subject of today. It is "struggle." It is natural to desire peace and tranquility every day, and nothing to disturb the smooth surface of your life. That you will certainly have in heaven. But it is a battle and a march every day from here to the peaceful shores of eternity in heaven with me when the evil one and his followers will be no more. But you must learn to stay within the shelter of my presence to find the peace that you desire, for I am your shelter and protection from the storm and the rain that the devil stirs up in your lives. Remember to stay in my Sanctuary through the pattern I have given you - praise, confession, the promises of Scripture, the infilling of the Spirit, and walking with me and the angels that I send to aid and assist you, and help you join with us in ministry for others. This is the sure path way that you can walk every day and be safe under the shadow of my wings where no harm can befall you, and nothing can take you out of my hands.

But what is the struggle that I'm referring to this morning? It is the struggle that it takes to leave behind the pull of the world, the flesh, and the devil's constant temptations to take you out of my hands. I want to warn you of his diversions and tactics to distract you, hurt or harm you in some way, or take you into discouragement so that you will take your eyes off of me and my love and care for you. I want you to be triumphant over the devil and the temptations of this world. And you can only do that when you are vitally connected with me, for in your own power you can do nothing to secure the gift of eternal life. But with me, all things are possible.

This connection with me involves a struggle everyday - not because I am unwilling, but because of the carnal nature, and the cares of life that press upon you. What is the essence of the struggle? It is to keep your eyes focused upon me and your ears tuned to my Spirit. It is to look upward and not downward at the devil's distractions. It is to stay in praise, faith, and trust. It is to live by the Spirit and not the lusts and responses of the fleshly nature. It is to hear my voice speaking to you in the Word, the impressions of the Spirit, and the providential leadings that I send to you. It is to react to the people around you as I would react to them. It is to be outward focused to bless others rather than inward focused to want others to meet all your needs in order for you to be happy. As long as life shall last in this world, you must be willing to make the struggle for eternal life if you want to reach the golden shores at last.

But I want you to realize that if you open your hearts to me, I will walk every mile with you and carry the heaviest part of the load for you, and we can enjoy a heavenly relationship of love, joy and peace even now. That is what I offer you today and every day until I come. I am looking forward to our journey together. There is so much I have to reveal to you if your heart is open to my still, small voice. There will be no strangers in heaven! By that I mean that no one will be there who has not walked and talked with me on earth. Even today I have some things to reveal to you if you are listening. Remember that I said to my disciples, when I come, will I find faith on the earth? That is because it takes faith to have a personal relationship with me, because you can't see me and you can't hear my voice audibly. It has to be a faith relationship with me in the Spirit as you train your ears to hear my voice and commune with me. But if you do this, your reward will be great in heaven, because we will then be together in person, and continue our walk together for eternity.

Don't you long for that day? I do! So in the meantime, put forth every effort to know my voice in your heart and respond to my love and guidance, and by faith you will triumph over the world, the flesh, and the devil, just as I did when I was on earth. And I will give you the victory that I won for you on the cross of Calvary. Now go to the activities of your day, but always keep me in your heart so that your day will be bright with my presence. You will find that my yoke is easy and my burden is light as we walk together to the kingdom. Lovingly, Jesus.

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