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Dearest Ones, I am happy and pleased with your work of yesterday for me and my truth. I blessed all of you much more than you know or can realize, because you cannot see behind the scenes and perceive the heavenly messengers that were there to assist you, and the Holy Spirit that attended you. But all that I had planned for you to do was realized. That is why I can now go forward with the task of going forward to the end. There will be no delay, for I now have my core group of workers who are fully dedicated to me, and who follow my every command, trusting in my strength and wisdom and provisions.

They subject for today is health. I want you to know that although I am requiring a lot from you, I will be your health and strength for whatever you need to accomplish that I am asking you to do. However, I do ask that you will be careful to listen to my voice always to guide you in all your ways so that you do not expend yourself more than I require. By this I mean, be very aware of the guidance of my Spirit about all your health habits, such as eating, drinking, rest, exercise, regularity, sunshine, and all the areas of healthful living, so that you do not expend your energies beyond that which I require of you. Sometimes I will ask you to do more than usual, but I will provide for these times through my Spirit. But do not presumptuously use up your energy supplies, and then go beyond the requirements that I place upon you.

James White and many of the pioneers did this in their zeal for the great work that I had called them to do. But now I am calling you to live through and not die early as some of them did; so lean heavily upon my guidance in the expenditure of your strength and energy, and I will supply all that you need for what I require of you. Even I, when I was upon earth, took times for rest and regeneration, and I will allow this of you, as well. Just look to me and I will guide you safely in all these things, for you are working for me, and I will provide all you need, including whatever you need for total health of mind, spirit, and body. That is one of the reasons that I gave the health message to the pioneers, not only for them personally, but also for you to get through the rigors of the final days of earth’s history. I will also provide suitable companions to help you, for I created mankind to be in pairs and groups for love and support from family and friends whose love and understanding for each other brings health, happiness, and renewed vigor as I flow through you with my Spirit to benefit each other as my Father and I do on a much grander scale. We have created mankind in our image to receive all the same benefits and enjoyment that is within the Godhead from fellowshipping with each other and with our created beings. This is the essence of heaven. And now I bequeath this to you.

Go now to the activities of the day, but just remember that I will be with you in Spirit; and as I give you joy and happiness in fellowship, so that will be a part of my happiness to be with you as I was with my disciples on earth. So don’t forget to be aware of my love for you and my presence with you on this day of rejoicing. And I will bless you abundantly from my river of life that flows from the throne of God. Lovingly, Jesus.

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