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Dearest Ones, we are going forward today in the eternal plan that I have made for you from the foundation of the world. I now have my goals just ahead of us in carrying the last warning message to the world. This message will contain all that I have taught you in removing the roots of sin. That is the first angel’s message for the final generation, to cleanse and prepare them for my coming. Study this message closely, for I have more light to share with you about its application to the personal lives of each person on the globe, because I am now bringing everyone into the judgment of the living, and according to how they respond to it and cooperate with me will be their destiny. Many of my people are steeling their hearts against this message because they are secure in their sins and comfortable in their ceiled homes and jobs and possessions and their daily routines. Others are plunging deeper into ways to quiet their consciences and stop the voice of the Holy Spirit calling them to a complete surrender to me. And still others are going mad as they resist the Spirit, and taking out the surfacing of their uncleansed emotions upon others or upon themselves in self-destructive ways. But my people, who are all my joy and rejoicing, are cleansing their lives of all unselfishness and sin through the guidance of my Spirit, and allowing me to fully fill them with the latter rain, and now, under the guidance of my Spirit, we will now go forward to the end.

The subject for today is the cleansing. All of you who are experiencing this are doing so as I guide you, and this has been to you a day by day walk with me as I reveal those things in your life that are, and have been, out of harmony with me and my thoughts about your experiences throughout your life, and heal you of the damages done to you by parents, siblings or others. But now I want to walk with you through the infilling of my Spirit of truth to fully restore the years that the locusts have eaten. Locusts are symbolic in Scripture of the devil’s ways of devouring everything that is in their path. To the extent that the devil has had access to you throughout your life, he has eaten away your heart and brought you under his control. In so doing, he has endeavored to destroy the blueprint plan that I had for you in the beginning of your creation. As David has said, every day ordained for you was written in my book before any of them came to pass [Ps. 139:16]. Fortunate are the children who had godly parents who instructed them in my ways from the beginning of their lives, just as my mother, Mary, was instructed by Gabriel of my special, unique blueprint as the Messiah that had been prophesied about for centuries. She accepted this message by faith, and angels continued to guide and instruct her in my rearing in early childhood.

In the same way, I have endeavored to instruct and influence your mothers and grandmothers to sense the blueprint of your lives and allow me to have a prominent part of your rearing. Unfortunately, you have also had people in your lives who were, at least partially or to some extent, influenced by the evil one to destroy your blueprint and take you captive to do his will and bidding. But during those years I never left you, because I could see the response in your heart and mind to my call and to the Holy Spirit’s influence in your life. Therefore, I am now in the process of cleansing every shred of the residue of what Satan has done to you, and I will now move forward in your lives to restore what was damaged, broken, or lost, and give you back the first dominion which was my original plan for you. And I will give you companions who will be a blessing and help to you, and bring you joy and peace where there was once pain and suffering and loneliness. That is a part of your reward for following me through the darkness and persevering through everything the devil has done to destroy your original blueprint that I gave you at conception.

Now all my beloved chosen ones will go forth as an army with banners, following me to victory over the enemy, who has attempted to steal from you the victory over temptation that I now have for you. That is why I will now not turn back to protect and shield from the enemy’s wrath those who have not followed me, who have not valued me and my truth enough to perseveringly plead and agonize for it, and they will now be left in a darkness deeper than the deepest darkness, for they did not value the light when it shone upon them, and turned aside from the truth that they could have had, but despised it because it required effort and suffering. And so it will be, for they will now drink the cup of suffering without a ray of light and hope which I had so freely and lovingly offered to them. The things of the world that they clung to will not suffice to save them or give them peace when probation closes and the light goes out forever for those who chose to walk in the broad way to destruction.

You may wonder why I am talking about this sad picture. It is because my heart grows heavy as I see that so many are unresponsive to the last call of my Spirit. But that is where you, my beloved ones, come into the picture and bring me joy and rejoicing. I now have a people who listen to my still small voice, and who are eager to hear me calling to them, and eager to give up everything to follow me and do my bidding. Because of this, you will be my friends and coworkers forever, just as my disciples left all and followed me. In return, I will give you everything you need for your sustenance, and I will bless you with the companionship of my Spirit, and fellow believers of like mind. You will be one in the Spirit and enjoy the blessing of heaven, for the oneness that I will give to you is a foretaste of heaven.

Now go to your day’s activities, my precious chosen ones in whom is all my delight, but carry with you moment by moment the sense of my love for you and my presence with you, and my arms of love and protection around you through the day and night, for I am now, and always will be, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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