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Hold On

Dearest Ones,

I am thinking of you today concerning the challenges that are before you in the next few months. You cannot know the exact timing of the close of probation, for that is in my hands. I do not want everything to be so clear that even the devil can know just what the last events will be and when they are to take place. But you will see as the scroll unrolls. None of this you need to worry about or seek to know more than I reveal to you, but keep at your daily tasks and keep close to me, for the journey will be rapid. Therefore, the subject for today is "hold on!"

When you ride in an airplane and are waiting for your turn in the takeoff pattern, you know the feel of the surge of power in the engines as you are leaving the earth and climbing into the sky above. This is what you will soon feel as the momentum of the last days builds to a crescendo. There are so many things that must happen in such a short time. But always remember that I am at the wheel, and as long as you look to me you will be safe. In the meantime, I will be opening doors of service for you, and I will strengthen, guide, protect, and provide for you everything you need in order to be victorious.

Do not listen to the naysayers who are afraid of what you are teaching. Some of them are true believers, some are not. Some have already left the truth and have forsaken the way and the Advent movement of 1844, and are wandering in the wilderness of church teachings and beliefs from Protestantism. It is the way of all movements. After several generations have passed, the spirit of the pioneers is lost except by a few, and these are the ones I must use to turn the tide to recapture the fire of the original calling of the movement.

As I see my people around the world, very few have that original fire and love of the truth. But I know those who do, and I am with these faithful ones and will use them to finish the work. I can work successfully by many or by few, as you can see in the annals of the history of my people. Take, for instance, Caleb and Joshua. [Num. 14:6-8.] Only two among that people, and yet I could use them to lead the people successfully into the Promised Land. Giants of opposition are as nothing to me. It is the giants of disbelief and rebellion that must be overcome before a person or a movement can finish the course that I have set out for them. But if my people will look to me as their leader and follow me as I go forward, you will see the kingdom of heaven in the time that I have allotted for the finishing of the work.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep me ever in the center of your focus and listen to my still, small voice guiding, instructing, encouraging, and assisting you in everything you do. [Isa. 30:21.] Thus we will be companions in the journey, and you will learn that I can be trusted, no matter what the devil and people may do to discourage or dishearten you. I always have a plan that will open up the way through every apparent obstruction on the heavenward journey. So look up and gather warmth from the coldness of others and victory from every apparent defeat. Nothing can stop the progress of my people if they look constantly to me and trust me on every occasion. All this is just a prelude to the reward at the journey's end, and the lights from my glorious city are just ahead! Lovingly, Jesus.

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