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Latter Rain

Dearest Ones,

I am looking forward to sharing an important subject with you this morning that will gladden your heart and connect you more closely with me to prepare you for the days ahead. It is the subject of "the latter rain." [Hos. 6:1-3.] As I have already told you, the latter rain of the Holy Spirit is already beginning to fall upon those who are seeking it with all their hearts. This means that light from heaven is being revealed to you in greater measure than was needed in past ages. For each generation there is a special measure of light that was revealed specifically for that generation because it was needed to help the people to understand what was present truth for them. The Holy Spirit has always been doing this work, and always will until the close of time. But the latter rain contains all the accumulated light that has ever been shared from heaven in the past, plus the specific light that is needed to go through the end of time and be ready for the close of probation and the time of trouble. This is what you are receiving now, and what you will continue to receive as the work advances forward.

But you must not fail to ask me for advancing light, for my Spirit does not push this upon you against your will and desire, for your heart must be open to receive it with joy and comprehension so that you can pass it on to others. Not everyone is able to understand all the things that I have given to you, because of their background and ability. But as they receive the light from you, their minds will be opened to understand and receive it with joy. Comprehension grows with study and enlightenment of the dark areas of the mind. So scatter the seeds of truth everywhere you go to the people who are questioning about the things that are happening around the world and in society at this time. I am purposefully loosening the winds to awaken people and cause them to question and wonder what is coming upon the earth so they will be receptive to the message of truth that I have given you. This is the very light and understanding that people are seeking to know.

In order to do this work effectively you must be constantly looking to me for light, counsel, understanding, and strength for each challenge. I know that I have placed you in a vulnerable position by revealing to you the prophetic timeline of the trumpets [Rev. 8, 9, 11:15-18], but just as I called my true followers in 1844 to prophesy of my coming, so I am asking you to prophesy again concerning my coming. [Rev. 10:5-11.] You do not need to speak about the exact date, for even you do not know this until the scroll unrolls and I announce the day and the hour from heaven. But you do know the season [Acts 1:6-8], for I have revealed it to you. By this I am referring to the timeline of the trumpets. I would not have asked my angels to blow the trumpets if I did not intend for my people to know what they mean. I have never brought specific judgments on people without warning them ahead of time and calling them to repentance. And when they repent and see the light, they also will receive the latter rain, just as people received the early rain when they accepted the message of truth that was preached by the apostles at Pentecost. [Acts 2:38.]

So do not be afraid to be open about the timeline of the trumpet messages for your generation and your people. Some will see it and come to the light and some will oppose it as some always do when a message is presented to their generation. Nevertheless, heed it not, and go about your business as I shall direct you, and let me take care of the opposition.

Now go to the activities of your day with rejoicing that you are accounted worthy to receive and understand and share the light that is shining on your generation. Be not fearful of presenting it, because you are my ambassadors to a dying world, and heralds of the new morning of my appearing in the clouds of heaven to end the reign of terror that sin has caused, and usher in the seventh millennium where peace and joy will be the reward of the righteous who have served me faithfully through the darkest hours of earth's history, and have received the latter rain and have been sealed for eternity. Lovingly, Jesus

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