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Holiness - 2

Dearest ones, today is preparation day for my Sabbath, and I want you to see this day as an example of preparation for my coming. All throughout the day you will be keeping in mind the hour of sunset when my Sabbath begins. So it should be concerning my coming. Normal things have to be done, but there should be nothing that supersedes the preparation for my coming. Keep in mind that without me you can do nothing to prepare your heart for both my Sabbath nor My coming, because works do not count for righteousness. Anyone for any reason can prepare for a deadline. But what I want is heart preparation, which you cannot do without my indwelling Spirit who cleanses your hearts of all sin and disagreement with me. So keep your hearts in tune with me today, and I will guide and prepare you for a special outpouring of my Spirit on Sabbath.

Now my topic for today is holiness. I know that this is a common topic for you, and you understand it to be complete and total agreement with me on any level and about anything. This is true, but do you realize that this is impossible if you are not hearing my voice at all times and about everything? That is quite logical, isn't it, because how can you be in agreement with me if you don't hear my voice and know just what I am thinking at any given moment? Of course, that necessitates a constant relationship with me such as Enoch had, and such as I had and have with my Father. And that is why the cleansing is absolutely imperative for those who live through without seeing death. My glory - the power of my character - destroys anything that is not in harmony with my thoughts and feelings and mind on everything. That is why I had to clothe my glory with humanity when I came to Earth. The power of my thoughts are creative and healing and restorative to anything or anyone that is submissive and in harmony with me, but destructive to anything that is out of harmony with me. But because I am loving, I veil and control my power down to the level of the smallest child, and submit to reasoning with my created beings, rather than using force to bring anyone into harmony with me. As the scripture says, "your thoughts are not my thoughts nor are your ways my ways." That is why I call out to each person, "Come now, let us reason together. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."

Were I to force my way into your mind, you would lose your individuality and your power of choice. So I plead with you and implore you to come to me in everything you go through to learn my thoughts on the matter. Don't just assume that you already know because you study the scriptures on any given topic. Of course I want you to study the scriptures diligently because I can speak to you through them, which prepares your heart to be open to my council. But as you already know by your experience, the scriptures can be applied in various ways for specific situations, and that is where my Spirit must be the interpreter for every situation, for my wisdom is infinite, and only I know which scriptural principle applies in each situation. So you can see now that without a constant relationship with me it is impossible for you to have the necessary discernment to be in agreement and harmony with me in every situation.

But that is the joy of our relationship isn't it? The human mind can know truth without knowing how to apply it. For example, the Pharisees and leaders during my days on Earth explained the scriptures down to the smallest detail and were satisfied that they knew truth. But I am the Truth and they didn't know me or my thoughts or ways at all. So without a constant, living relationship with me you can't know truth either, because truth is a revelation of what I am thinking and feeling on every situation. But isn't it enjoyable to have such a relationship with me? I bring to you things that you cannot know in any other way. I bring you love and joy and peace and knowledge and wisdom and understanding about everything that you must face every day. I resolve problems for you that you could never do for yourself. I am your Friend and Companion in every situation and through every trial that you must endure. Just think about people who don't have that relationship! Are they happy and fulfilled? As I withdraw my Spirit from the earth and from anyone who is not actively seeking me, the world is going into chaos because my sweet Spirit is no longer an automatic gift, but is now only available to those who seek me. This is because probation is already closing, and only those who love and serve me with all their hearts and desire a relationship with me will find me.

This is why I especially am focusing upon my beloved chosen ones in whom is all my delight. I am leaving those who spurn and reject me and do not value my Spirit, but look to themselves and their own devices to be their guides. Therefore, I am focusing upon those who have already chosen to be my friends, and also those who long to be, and are not satisfied with the things that the world has to offer. It is for these that I am holding open the door of salvation a little longer, and holding back the winds of strife so that all who choose me can enter and be safe when I close the door and let the winds go.

So please do not be surprised that some are refusing to enter through the narrow gate and have a relationship with me. This is the shaking time, and those who to choose some other way will be shaken out. In the meantime, do not try to carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders. Just stay by my side as I lead you step by step, moment by moment, and if you do this I will see you safely through every trial that Satan throws against you. Do not look down and focus upon the works of the devil, for you will be tempted above that which you are able to bear. Turn to me, run to me, and focus upon me and you will be victorious over every trial and temptation.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep in mind that I am walking right beside you and will see you through. The Sabbath hours are coming, and we can spend them together if you keep your heart open to my Spirit and my love for you. In so doing, you will hear a word behind you saying, this is the way, walk ye in it, and your heart will be at peace. Lovingly, Jesus.

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