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Dearest ones, the sun is shining brightly through your window this morning, and it is a symbol of my love for you and my care which is unceasing and as bountiful as the oceans, for you have followed me faithfully day by day throughout your lives, no matter what the trials have been, and you have never lost faith in me and my care for you and the purpose that I have for your life. I am rewarding you for this by sending you messages of love and instruction every day to keep your mind fresh and open to my leading and instructions, for if I did not do this, time would go by and you would not be ready for what is coming so soon upon the world. Those who are expecting things to go on as usual, and are living normal lives of activity, will be taken by surprise when the things that have been prophesied for so long begin to happen. There will be no time to get ready then - no time to prepare, no time to get to know me intimately. I must be the center of your life now, guiding and instructing you moment by moment in order for you to be ready when the curtain of normal life comes down forever upon the world and its inhabitants. In the meantime, those, like you, who are following my Spirit's guidance, will be prepared to go through the end without seeing death.

Now For the topic of the day. I want to talk about alertness. You know the story of the ten virgins. The sad fact is that they were ALL asleep. It is not my will that anyone should be asleep right now when my coming is so soon. But unfortunately, it is true. It reminds me of that night in the Garden of Gethsemane when all my disciples went to sleep and left me alone to endure the agony of preparing for the cross. I am not blaming them for it, I am just saying that if they had stayed awake as I asked them to do, everything would have been different for them, because I would have been able to prepare them for the events that would follow. And so it is now. Even though many are beginning to see that my coming is near, almost everyone is assuming that they will be ready, and are basically asleep to the fact that there is an essential preparation that is necessary to be ready. You know that preparation to be the removal of sin from the sanctuary through the blood of sprinkling, or in other words, going through the cleansing of the roots of sin and having my perfect life, personified by my blood, imparted and imputed into the life in place of the presence of sin in any form and to any degree. Most think that righteousness by faith means that I cover their sins and mistakes that they have if they by faith believe that. But this belief is not faith at all but presumption. Why would I give my precious life so that people could go on sinning with my permission? I gave my life's blood to recover mankind from both the power and presence of sin in any form and to any degree! You, my beloved ones, must tell people this, because so many people are leaning upon this false premise and understanding of righteousness by faith which is preached and believed by most Christians today. Where does this false belief come from? It comes from an obdurate heart of unbelief and a desire to go on with life feeling satisfied with their own behavior until probation closes and the terrible realization comes that they have been duped by false teachers, and that it is now forever too late to turn around and be saved.

But I don't want to end on this depressing note. I am rejoicing today and every day that I have a remnant of my people who are not asleep, but who are awake and listening to my voice and following me to perfection of character. You are not even among the sleeping virgins. You are among the Watchmen who are awake and make the call that the bridegroom is coming. Fortunately, there is a significant number of my people who are true to me as much as they know and with the light they have, that will awaken when they hear the truth that you are preaching about cleansing, and they will quickly trim their lamps and join you in the generalized proclamation of truth. To these you must go, and my spirit will guide you in reaching these. So Rejoice that you are not among those who are sleeping, but you are Watchmen on the walls of Zion, sounding the message of truth that will gather in every honest hearted person who is waiting for the clarion call to prepare for my coming. These will join you in spreading this message around the world, and then the end will come.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep me in your heart and mind at all times and you cannot fail to please me and accomplish all that this day brings. Just keep the watchword and pass it on down the line that I love each person with an everlasting, personal love like no earthly lover, but as the divine Son of the Father who also loves you and is pleased with your devotion and service. Keep us in your heart and mind today, and you will be blessed and honored both now and in the kingdom of heaven! Lovingly, Jesus.

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