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How to Work for the Erring

Dear Ones, My heart of love goes out to you today, for I feel everything that troubles you, every question that comes into your mind, and every joy that you have when people respond to your efforts to serve and help them to a higher plane of thinking. I, too, feel the pain and suffering of my people around the globe, and the joy when they respond to my overtures to lead and guide them to safe pastures and free them from the devil’s wiles and lies.

The topic for today is how to work with the erring, whether it is a family member, a friend, or a foe. For the most part, the ways of reaching the obdurate heart is all the same, because it is from a demonic presence who has control of the person at that time. This connection with the evil one comes from childhood generally, through some experience that was suffered from abuse, neglect, trauma, or an unpleasant experience that the child could not understand, and there was no one available or able to help the child cope with or work through the experience at the time it happened. This is not said to put blame upon anyone, for things inevitably happen to all children in a sinful world that gives the devil an avenue to the child’s mind and heart. The more protection there is from parents, the less chance for Satan to gain a foothold. But parents don’t always know when the trauma is happening, or what to do about it. And in this exceedingly sinful world, every child grows up with some kind of trauma whether they are aware of it or not. So whether a person is your son or daughter or not, you can be sure that Satan has made inroads into their lives in one way or another. So when you are working with anyone or having relationships with people, there is only one way that will reach their hearts, and that is through consistent love and empathy.

That is not to say that you must excuse sin and error, and join in with the expression of it, for then your own character would be sullied and become defiled with the same demonic presence that is active in the other person, and certainly is wanting to gain entrance into your mind as well through interaction with and through them. Consider my example while I was upon earth. I associated with everyone who came to me, whether it was from the lowest dregs of society, or from the leaders, or people from the common walks of life. And in all these associations and encounters with people, I sought to lead them to a higher plane of thinking and behavior by extending to them my love and interest in them personally in a way that they could understand and relate to, yet never descending to their faulty thinking and behavior. I wanted my love to lift them up and give them hope for a higher existence and way of life through contact with me and my love for them. So in your association with people, seek for ways to bring encouragement and light to them and give them hope of a higher existence and hope of recovery from the wounds that sin has made upon their souls.

Number one, never point out their sins and errors, for the devil is already doing this to them, and you would be joining in with him to attack their souls and bring them down even further. But point them to a better, higher way of life and thinking by meeting their felt needs and desires for recovery. This is not an easy task when you are dealing with the erring, but I will help you to do this if you look to me for help. Never criticize, condemn or needlessly point out errors in them, but instead, point out the positive that will give them hope for recovery. If you cannot think of anything positive, ask me and I will help you. Positive thinking helps the person to feel hope, and to strive for higher goals by which they can receive more positive feedback, which feels like love to them. Affirmation for good behavior or qualities is more productive than criticism for error. Just remember that Satan is the accuser, and if you accuse, you will be joining forces with him against the person and therefore causing the very thing that you are attempting to heal. But, you may say, if I don’t tell them what is wrong, how will they know? Put it in the positive! Remember how I dealt with the Rich Young Ruler. I did not tell him that he was selfish, self-centered and miserly. I gave him the positive thing to do and let him decide. Although he failed to respond, his sins were exposed to himself in a positive way. Also Nicodemus: I gave him the positive injunction to be born again without saying that he never had been born again and needed to be.

Criticism locks people into defending themselves and shutting off their hearts to you. Pointing out positive goals gives them a chance to hear the Holy Spirit wooing their hearts to repentance and a victorious life in me if they will respond to the Spirit’s call to them. But unfortunately, not everyone will respond positively, no matter how perfectly you deal with them. But at least you have given them every opportunity to open their hearts to your living ministry to them, and thus softening their hearts to my Spirit, for my Spirit is love. If my Spirit is condemning, who would want to be with me and accept me into their hearts? And if my Spirit would be condemning, how would you be able to discern the difference between the influence of my Spirit and the accusing, condemning voice of the devil, who lures you into sin and then condemns you for it? He wants you to think it is me, but it is not. I want to reclaim sinners, not push them further into despair. And you can be my helpers. Did I condemn Mary or the woman at the well for their profligate lives? No, I acknowledged their sin, but pointed them to a higher existence, and they went away with their souls healed from the devastation that sin has made upon them. This is your example with the men, women and little children with whom you come in contact. If sin has to be pointed out, let the emphasis be on recovery and positive affirmation for responding to the leading of my Spirit in their lives, for I will be there beside you speaking to them of hope and repentance, and you will be a second witness to augment what I am trying to do for them. You can choose to second-witness the accusations of the devil to them, and drive them farther into despair and darkness and rebellion, or you can be an agent of my love and hope for their recovery and salvation, thus working by my side for the lost.

But some will rejoice and follow the light and receive salvation and become workers for me as well. So look for the good in people and fan that into a flame of ardor for me. Be instant in season and out of season, and watch for souls all around you, because you do not know which will prosper, either this or that. Determine not to be discouraged, but look to me and follow me and you will surely reap your reward, both in heaven and in this life as well. Now look to me and never become discouraged, for you always have me at your side to help and encourage you. Remember how Mary was weeping when I was right there beside her. Sometimes you do that, too! But I am rejoiced to see that these times are less and less, and you are growing stronger and more positive every day. For this I am happy and rejoicing in the love and obedience of my beloved ones. Walk with me today and every day until I come, for behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work has been. And the work that is accounted worthy of reward will be that which was done in cooperation with a relationship of love with me.

Now go to your appointed duties of the day, but never forget that I am always beside you, and that I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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