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Wise Counsel from Jesus

Dear Ones, today and every day I am thinking of you and the many things I want to share with you. There is trouble around the world, and unspeakable suffering in many homes and hearts where I cannot preside to relieve it. Satan has almost entire control of most of the people, even little children, and certainly complete control of the wicked, which are rapidly becoming the vast majority. My Spirit finds rest only in hearts that are seeking to know me and reach out to find favor with me. But even the majority of these are not seeking for present truth. They are wanting my blessings without what it takes to make a change in the current lives and practices of the general population of society. But I will continue to reach out to them as long as there is one ray of hope for their salvation. Are you ready for the time when I completely withdraw my Spirit from the world and allow the time of trouble to begin? Actually, no one is ready for that time as yet, for there is still much growing to do during the latter rain which I will continue to increase until everyone who desires to go all the way with me will have had the opportunity to grow up into the full stature of men and women who are fully cleansed and ready for the final battle with evil and the prince of darkness who leads all those who have followed him and accepted his principles and lies.

Now go to your day’s activities, but keep in constant connection with me, for I will help you to use every moment wisely and for my glory and my purposes for you. Especially guard against fretfulness and complaining, or looking down on anyone whom you perceive to be in any kind of error, for all judgment has been given into my hands by my Father, and you only wound yourselves when you look at the faults of others. Love everyone as I have loved you, and give me everything that causes you worry or discomfort, for my shoulders are strong to bear all your weaknesses and sufferings and the quandaries of your heart. If you look up to me I will give you renewed energy and hope and a sense of my love and care for you that will see you through the burdens of the day. Receive my joy and peace into your heart, for you cannot change the perplexities that confront you, but you can look to me and allow me to do it for you. Whatever you need, ask me for it, and if it is for your best good and for my glory, I will give it to you. Now please rest your souls in me today and every day until I come, and you shall have fullness of joy. Open your hearts fully to me, for I want to share all my love for you as we travel the journey together to the heavenly Canaan. And always keep your thoughts and needs upon me, for you cannot weary me, for I remain as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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