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Dear Ones,

The topic today is integrity. There is a tendency of the human heart to be satisfied with a low level of thinking. I am higher than the heavens above, and yet you may have the privilege of communing with me if you will keep your heart pure of all low, common thinking that is not in harmony with my thoughts about the matter. I know that you may see this as being restrictive and taking away your freedom to be yourself and express your own individuality, but there are no individualities that did not come from me and have their sweetest, truest, and highest source of individuality when interacting freely with my thoughts and feelings on every matter. When you were born, I infused my blueprint for you into your heart and mind, for all life comes from me and is sustained by me and for me. That is your protection from the evil one, for he wants to get to you at the earliest moments of your life to see the world and yourself from his point of view, and through his evil eyes. His ways are framed from a selfish, self-centered point of view and seeing the world and people and circumstances through the circle of self. On the other hand, I want you to feel protected and loved and secure from the first moments of your life, and see the world from the viewpoint of security and an outward focus and love toward others. I know that in this world of sin, degradation, suffering and evil this is not possible in the fallen condition of man. But I want you to know how I meant for it to be so that I can bring you back to that point again in the cleansing that I am providing for you and the perfectly restored state to which I want to bring you if you cooperate with me.

When you awaken in the morning, I want you to look to me as a baby would to its mother who adores it and gives it safety and love every moment of the day. That is the gift that I gave to Adam and Eve when I created them, and I intended for every person to have this forever. But sin has caused a break in that relationship between me and you and I want it now to be fully restored in the cleansing time. Every fear, every grief, every lust of the flesh, every evil plan and desire that has sullied your soul must be given up and removed in order for you to reflect my image again, as I intended for it to be in the beginning. When I was born into this world as a baby, I came fresh from my Father’s hand, and you can have that same new birth every day, and drink in the perfection and love and security that I have constantly streaming for you, complete with your particular individuality and calling which is like no one else on earth. I love to interact with each person in the uniqueness that I gave them, and cleanse away sin and doubt and sorrow from the experiences of suffering which living in this world produces.

On the contrary, Satan makes everyone the same in the sense that he takes away the freedom to be happy and fulfilled and unique and loved, and uses those who have given themselves over to him to seek only their own pleasure and lusts and fame and finally to be destroyed by him. I am now withdrawing my sweet spirit of love and protection from the earth to give people a chance to see what it means to reject my Spirit and choose the devil and his ways, thoughts, and feelings. Perhaps this will help them to abandon the enemy and seek me with all their hearts; and if they do, they shall find me. But if not, I still have my beloved chosen ones who are listening intently for my voice and seeking me moment by moment, and choosing life everlasting by so doing.

Now go to your tasks for today, but remember not to parley with the enemy to the slightest degree. He needs only a small invitation to listen to his voice to feel that he has a right to harass you and bring darkness, fear, and discontent. Look to me always and walk in the light as I am in the light, for in me there is no darkness at all. If you feel darkness, just remember that it is not ever from me. It is always from the evil one who is trying to bring you down. Flee to me and I will give you light and love and power to overcome all the temptation of the devil. Never succumb to criticism of others, or even of yourself. If you make mistakes, ask me to forgive you and rejoice in my forgiveness and love for you, but do not wallow in remorse, for it will give the devil additional time to accuse you and revile you and bring darkness and despair or discouragement.

Now go to your day remembering what I have told you, and walk constantly in the light of my presence and love for you. And never forget for one moment that I am always at your side, and just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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