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Dear Ones, I am rejoicing today at the privilege that I now have of leading out a remnant from my church who will carry forth my last warning message to the world. This does not mean that I love some people more than others, but I must have a people who care nothing for the world and its pleasures or allurements, and who are eager and willing to focus all their attention and energy upon the task at hand. As you can see in the earth, I am letting things go, and there is only a small margin of time to do the work. But with my Gideon’s army beside me, it will be sufficient.

My topic today is faithfulness. Without this character quality, there would be no final generation, because it is so easy to get caught up in the whirl of life and the duties of each day, that day after day goes by, and a whole lifetime can be lived just keeping up with the challenges and activities of daily living. But what I see in my faithful ones right now is a determination to not be disconnected with me for a moment, looking to me for guidance, instructions and strength, and focusing always on staying connected with me and doing my bidding. This is absolutely essential right now because of the shortness of time and the greatness of the task. One thing that you may not have thought of before is that evil angels are constantly contending against my faithful angels to wrest you out of my hands and bring you down, to distract you, harass you, bring pain and suffering, persecute you, or to focus your attention upon mundane things that are not essential to your salvation and your calling to be a part of the 144,000. Sometimes you may hear their voices in your mind taunting you and trying to get your attention to discourage you or distract you. But be instant in season and out of season to keep your heart open to me and my guidance, protection, and love for you, and I will rebuke the evil ones who want to distract you and take you down. Look up to me, and the light of my presence will dispel the darkness.

Do you know that people who take drugs and alcohol are doing so to silence the voices of demons in their minds who taunt and tempt them to do wrong, or who are putting them down to keep them addicted to the cycle of abuse? That is why I am so pleased that when the devil comes to you, my precious children, you resist him by the power that I have invested in you, and by my Spirit, instead of giving in to the tempter, no matter what his temptations may be. I wish everyone would turn to me and be saved from the powers of darkness that surrounds them. But I will give you the ability to reach out to the broken people who are longing for the light that you have, and many will respond to the light and follow it back to its source, which is me. They must also know of my love for them to give them hope and a way of escape from their loneliness, fear, and misery, which is caused by the enemy of their souls. Those who come to me will drink of the ever-flowing richness of my love and saving grace and be changed into my divine image as sons and daughters of the living God. What a transformation that divine love brings into fallen souls who have been controlled by demons!

But although the truth of this gospel has ever been and ever will be the center of the story of redemption, now the focus of your preaching must be the redemption of the body from this earth by my imminent coming! Most Christians have become so self-satisfied by what they know and experience with me in the good news of my love and forgiveness of their sins and acceptance in the beloved, that they do not want their lives disturbed by the message that all things are about to come to an abrupt end, and they must respond immediately to be prepared in time for the close of probation and the end of time here on this earth. I am allowing things on earth to crumble before their eyes to prepare their hearts and minds for a new, startling message that my coming is imminent! Not everyone will respond to this message because those who are accustomed to focus on the world and its pleasures will now be tempted to focus upon the world and its demise, and a great fear will soon come upon them as they see that man is no longer able to control the elements or the societal issues. The threat of inevitable doom will rise up in their hearts, and they will look in desperation for a savior to lead the way back out of chaos. At just that time, Satan will bring about the rise of the papal power as an answer to their dilemma, and the salvation of the nations whose leaders have lost control of their senses. For a brief time, I will allow this plan to apparently work in fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 13—and all the world wandered after the beast. But the end of his power will come and it will be seen that even he cannot save humanity from the results of following the leader they have chosen, and the rejection of my law.

While I am preparing to return and rescue my beloved ones, chaos will reign, and the people and leaders of the world, egged on by demons, will accuse my people who have proved faithful to me to be the cause of all their problems and will enact a law for their annihilation from the earth. But in majesty and holiness and power, I will return to earth and receive my beloved ones to myself, nevermore to be harassed and tempted and threatened by the enemy, for he will be banished from my sight for 1000 years of peace with my beloved ones beside me in my kingdom of light and happiness. Then the wicked will receive their eternal reward—death forever, nevermore to even come into mind. Don’t you long for it all to be over, and to be forever in the light of my presence around my throne? I do! That is why I have written to you about it this morning, for it is open in my mind as I plan to come again and rescue my beloved ones.

In the meantime, there is a great work to do, and do quickly. But do not fear, for I will be right beside you at all times. Just look to me and keep focused upon hearing my voice to guide you, and as you do, you cannot fail to please me and be successful in the calling and fulfillment of your blueprint to be a part of the 144,000 who preach my last warning message and be alive to see me come. Then you will have the eternal privilege of always being by my side wherever I go, for you have fulfilled my calling to you to be among the called, chosen and faithful ones who follow me wherever I go. And that privilege begins now, for I am sending messages to you to help you to keep your eyes upon me and know where I am, what I am thinking about, and what I am doing. And so, my faithful ones, who think about nothing except my glory and honor and the finishing of the work of salvation, go to your day’s labors with rejoicing, always keeping your minds and hearts in tune with me, and keeping in touch with me, because I am, as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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