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Joyfulness through Trial

Dearest Ones,

The message for today is "joyfulness through trial." Darkness will at times come to everyone as you go through the trials of this life, for you live in the land of the enemy, and he will oppose everything that I am doing through you, and try to persuade or frighten you to grow discouraged and leave the pathway to righteousness that leads through to the end of earth's history. As I have said before, he knows that if he cannot stop you from going forward with the light that is shining upon you through the open door of the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary, he has lost the battle against me and my chosen ones. Therefore, do not fear opposition, for it will become more evident as the end approaches and the close of probation draws near. Those who follow me until then and are cleansed through the application of my shed blood in the final atonement will be the remnant of whom I have spoken through all the prophets.

It is this remnant that Satan has opposed in every age of history, and tried to obliterate. Noah and his family is one example, as are Caleb and Joshua, who were the only ones to enter the promised land from the fourth generation who left Egypt. Notice how few comprise the remnant of any age in history; and so it will be now. Some will be laid away, but many will cherish sin and refuse to accept the light as it shines on the pathway to the promised land. They will see it as error, and oppose you, for they do not want to be changed from the position which they have come to cherish as light. Light becomes stagnant if it does not merge into the advancing light which is shed upon each generation. [Prov. 4:18.]

Thus, every generation has a calling and a duty from me. The generation that began the work in 1844 had the light that was the foundation for my second apartment work all the way through to the end of time. Therefore, to throw away this light constitutes apostasy. But even though one cherishes this light and continues to preach and teach it, it must be expanded to cover the needs of each succeeding generation. This has been done to a great extent up until now. But as I prophesied when I was on earth, "When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" [Lu. 18:8.] At this time, faith in my soon coming is waning and being replaced with formalism and institutionalized religion, as has happened to all movements throughout history. That is why I am allowing events all over the earth to trumpet my coming, and that is why I am sending you to sound the warning message of how to prepare for my coming. I will work with individuals or with groups who are bearing my present truth to the world. It is a message of cleansing and preparation for the coming events, and of course, the climax of history at my appearing.

Do not be surprised that this is an unpleasant message for most people, for it interrupts the smooth current of their lives and forces them to react to either accept the message and the messenger, or reject both. Thus it has been throughout history, for that is the way mankind in general receives a message that disturbs the smooth waters of their lives, or cuts across cherished opinions. So please do not be surprised if you are treated with disrespect and opposition. Just remember that some will welcome your message with a joyful heart and will join with you in your journey to the kingdom. So do not stoop to discouragement, but draw warmth from the coldness of others, for they are cold to your message because they are separated from me. Open the doors and windows and let the light of my truth shine out to the world, for every honest soul who sees and responds to your light will be drawn to me and I will guide them safely to the fold before the doors of the ark are closed and the rains begin to fall upon the shelterless heads of the rejecters of the light.

Go now to your activities, but rejoice that you are the called, chosen, and faithful ones who will go through the end with me and be caught up to meet me when I return in all my glory. Lovingly, Jesus.

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