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Second Apartment Cleansing

Dearest Ones,

I am happy today for your progress in righteousness and obedience in the things that I am asking you to do. As you know, time is short and there is so much to be accomplished, for the harvest of the earth is ripe and I must move quickly. Not everyone wants me to come, but desire to put off that day of decision. It is easy to feel comfortable and secure with goodly activity, but if works could save, I would not have needed to shed my blood on Calvary. But the problem of sin is in the heart, and good works without heart cleansing can be produced by human effort. So my topic for today is "second apartment cleansing."

The Sanctuary provides cleansing on three levels, and is symbolized by the court, the first apartment ministration, and the last, but most important, the second apartment, or Most Holy Place. The court deals with behavior. No one can be perfected while still rebelling in the behavioral area of their lives. The daily behavior is observable by all and cannot be obscured or ignored, even by children. But when one learns from me through the Word and through the impressions of the Spirit that sinful, destructive behavior is wrong, the heart is then open to deeper levels of understanding the sin problem.

Once behavioral sin is agreed upon and eradicated from the life as far possible, the person is ready for the deeper cleansing of the inner life of thoughts and feelings, because these are the springboards of all action. The motivations for behavior lie deep in the inner hidden thoughts and emotions, and are the seeds from which actions grow. Therefore, the thoughts and feelings must also be cleansed and brought into harmony with me before complete holiness and healing from sin is possible. This is the ministration of the Spirit which stretched from my ascension to heaven until my entrance into the Most Holy Place in 1844, as was announced and understood by my true followers who have accepted this message from then until now.

But because the sin problem is rooted so deeply in human thoughts, feelings and behavior, the additional understanding of the cleansing of the roots of behavior, which spring from thoughts, and feelings which lie deep in the unconscious mind, must also include the cleansing of these roots. Obviously you cannot do this without a supernatural work through the Holy Spirit which is completely able to reveal these things to you if you are spiritually awake and obeying me as I search your heart with lamps for hidden motivations that come through the deepest avenues of your mind. But no one can accomplish this by themselves, for it is a work that only I can do in full cooperation with you.

Many of you have already been cooperating with me in this work, and thus I can go forward with the next phase of my ministry - the blotting out of sin, the sealing, and the latter rain. This, too, is already in progress. Thus, the full cleansing from sin includes coming into agreement with me on behavior, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and the deeper level - the motives - which are the hidden springs of action. Until this is fully completed, demons from generations back still have rights to tempt and harass you, and your family as well, for they have inherited your bloodline and all that goes with it. So when you are cleansed of these things, root and branch, I can save your children as well, for they are inheritors of your sins and the sins of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation, as I have said many times in the Scriptures.

So you are extremely blessed to become the final generation of my people, because of your cooperation with me fully in the work of the second apartment, which includes the blotting out of sin and the outpouring of the Spirit. Thus, the sealing can take place, of which the Sabbath is the sign of a finished work of not only creation, but also recreation back into the image of God, for you will be in full harmony with me on every issue of the sin problem, and sin can be ended with you.

Now go to the activities of the day and keep me close to your heart, for the refining will continue, even as you go forward into the harvest field. Yes, you are seeing the end of all things. But I am still holding back the winds of strife to permit the final work to take place. Fear not those who oppose you, for they shall be as nothing before me as I go forth with my faithful people at my side. I have prophesied my victory at the end throughout the Bible, and now I will go forward, for the time has come. Enjoy your Sabbath hours that are coming, and let nothing depress you; rather let opposition encourage you that the end of all things is near, and that you are on the winning side. Remain humble, loving, and teachable, for this is my will for you. But be joyful also, for the waiting is almost over, and you are among the wise virgins who will be welcomed into the banquet when the Bridegroom comes. Lovingly, Jesus.

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