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Dearest Ones,

I am coming today to visit you through my Spirit and my angels to bring you peace and joy! Satan has his eye upon you and wants to discourage you because he sees that if he cannot dishearten you through trials, or dislodge your stand for me with persecution, he will lose the battle to prevent the final remnant from developing, and thus his war against me will be lost. So look to me for guidance, instruction, hope, and courage to stand bravely for my truth as it marches forward to completion.

Now for the topic of today. It is "regeneration." I have placed within the human system the ability to regenerate itself from the natural day-by-day stresses of life so that with proper health habits such as rest, nutrition, positive activity, and so forth, life and energy is sustained. But because of the entrance of sin in the world the breakdown of life's forces is inevitable, and death is the natural end of the life cycle. But now I want to employ the miracle of regeneration [Matt. 19:28; Titus 3:5] to sustain you through the trials that lie ahead until I come.

Without a supernatural connection with me, you could not survive the stresses that will come in the days ahead. So I want to help you understand what is necessary to remain alive until I come. First, you must have a living, moment by moment connection with me at all times. This necessitates a mind cleansed of all sin, both present and in the past memories which continue to feed into the conscious mind emotions, thoughts, feelings, reactions, and ideas that are not from me. Sinful thoughts and feelings come from the evil one who has intruded himself into your mind through experiences you have gone through when you were in an uncleansed state. So all of these must be brought up into the conscious mind, repented of, blotted out, and replaced with thoughts, feelings, and conclusions that are free from evil because they come from me. [Ps. 51:1-12; Isa. 43:25-26; 1:16-18.] Thus, the influences of the devil throughout your life will be expelled so that he will have no more access to you.

So you see, there must be no dross remaining in the minds of those who go through the end of time when there is no mediator in the heavenly Sanctuary to plead your case and stand in for you in the mistakes you make because of uncleansed areas in your mind. Through the time of trouble you must stand before me spotless and cleansed completely through my blood, and completely filled and sealed by the Holy Spirit in the latter rain. Then Satan will have no access to you to claim before my throne that you are unworthy of eternal life with me in my kingdom - the same position which he abdicated so long ago and started the war against my law and my throne. [Eze. 28:12-19.] So now, through you, my cause and my righteousness will be vindicated forever, and peace will be restored.

Are you willing to go through this judgment cleansing process [Eccl. 12:14; Dan. 12:9, 10] with me now? Are you willing to submit to the regeneration process to come out victorious through my blood and my sacrifice for you? If so, you will shine like stars in the heavens [Dan. 12:3] throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity, and receive the approbation of my Father and the love of the angels who serve around my throne. And we will be friends [John 15:13-15], for you have walked with me through the last days of earth's history and have overcome. [Rev. 3:12.] Oh, there will be joy and rejoicing, and crowns [Rev. 3:11] for the faithful from earth, and homes where peace and love will reign. In the meantime keep your courage, for nothing can separate me from you, for you will be safe in my arms until the storm passes by. Lovingly, Jesus.

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