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Known Sins

Dearest Ones,

I am pleased with the message of today because it came straight from my throne. Until now the true 1888 message has not been clearly preached. But the reason I gave such a clear message at that time is because I knew you would need it now to be a second witness that the cleansing message that you are preaching now is directly from me. It is not a message that people generally want to hear, for it cuts directly across the carnal heart which wants to cover up sin, even to oneself, and palliate the conscience with good works. This is not acceptable to me, for it is virtually teaching that as long as the person tries to live a good life, my grace and my righteousness make up for the difference between the standard of my law and the actual performance in one's life.

I did not come to earth to make peace with sin, but to eradicate it. Thus, a person who accepts me must accept the standard of my righteous life, and give up every known sin in exchange for the infilling of my Spirit, which is my life lived out in everyone who accepts this gift from me. I say, "known sin," because in the process of sanctification, I do not reveal the person's sins all at once, for it would be overwhelming. I know what each person can bear, and as they walk with me I reveal day-by-day what they need to know. Thus they grow up in the process of getting to know me as we walk together as I did with Enoch, Abraham, and the great men of old.

But the work of sanctification is progressive, both through the centuries and in each individual life. What is known and understood about sin must mature into perfection, both individually and collectively as a people. Each person is held responsible for what I have revealed to them individually; and through a relationship with me, known sin is to be overcome. But the remnant at the end who produces the 144,000 must overcome all sin as a representative of the whole human race. This is accomplished through a relationship with me that reproduces my character blamelessly. Then the plan of salvation will be finished and I can come and claim my people - my perfected Bride.

Don't you want to be among that number? You can be if you walk with me moment by moment and trust me through everything that I have allowed to come to you. I do not permit you to go through anything that cannot be healed through a personal relationship with me. So do not ask why you have to go through certain experiences - ask me what you are to learn from it and do not rest until you are cleansed and sealed and filled by the Holy Spirit, which seals my righteous character into your thoughts and feelings, which is your character. Go now to your duties for the day, but keep open to the cleansing power of my Spirit and do not rest until your spirit and my Spirit are one. Lovingly, Jesus.

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