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Dearest Ones,

Every day that passes brings us closer to the end of all things, and everything is on a perfect schedule. I am going forward and my precious ones are with me, and thus we can go forward together to the end. So the message for today is "victory."

The need to have victory over anything, means that opposition must be present. This has been the case since Lucifer's defection. He was the beginning of evil and the author of it. So his challenge to my throne and my position was the beginning of the war in heaven which he himself instigated. Through the ages since then there has been no rest day nor night for anyone, except for those who find their rest in me. But Satan's purpose is to cause continuing agitation so that in order to find rest, people will yield to him and partake of his wares, whether food delicacies, entertainment, recreation, drugs and alcohol, sensual pleasures, games and sports, music, money, or whatever pleases the senses for a season.

Of course, Satan cannot provide true rest for the soul, and so his wares lead to addictions which must be continually indulged in to keep up the pace of life. But the only true and lasting satisfaction comes from me and a relationship with me, for my love provides security, and my continual provisions supply the perfect answer for every need and longing that you have! The cost of receiving this is total surrender to me moment by moment, and a continuing, ongoing relationship of love and trust. I will never take away your will or your power of choice to decide which path you want to follow. Unfortunately, most people want the good things that I offer, but also to partake of some of the devil's wares as well. This will never produce holiness of character, and without holiness no one will see the Lord. [Heb.12:14.]

You cannot have Christ and Belial, too. You must ultimately choose one or the other. And that is not natural or pleasing to the carnal nature. The soul needs rest in me, but the body longs for satisfactions from the temporal, carnal things of earth. So in order to have perfect victory over the flesh, you must drink deeply of the Word of God and learn to love its precepts, for in the Word is the essence of life and the principles that satisfy the soul. You cannot have both the world and heaven. You must choose either one or the other, and therefore reap life or death. If you choose life, I will walk with you moment by moment and speak mysteries to you that will satisfy the deepest cravings of your heart and soul and even your body, which is subject to the powers of the mind. You will then be victorious over the flesh, and live your daily life from the impetus of the Spirit, rather than by the laws of the carnal heart.

Do you want to have this victory over the flesh today? You can if you choose to follow the leading of the Spirit's promptings and fortify your mind with the truth, which will shut off the avenues of your mind that have been connecting with your feelings and consulting with your carnal desires. But how sweet is the victory over these impulses which come from your lower nature! To be free of the pull of sin brings light and peace and joy from heaven, for this makes you a citizen of heaven and guarantees your right to the tree of life and the water of life that flows from the throne of God!

Now go to the activities of your day, but look to me for every step you take and you can be assured of victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil! Lovingly Jesus.

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