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Meat in Due Season

Dearest Ones,

Today is the beginning of a new week of service for my cause in the earth. I will be with you as you go forth into the harvest field and search for those who are hungering for truth.

The topic for today is "meat in due season." There is a tendency in human nature to come to conclusions about a subject matter and then become settled and satisfied in their beliefs and close the door to all other concepts that can bring additional light. In every age there is light for that generation that is especially applicable for what is transpiring when the prophecy is given. Therefore it is meat in due season for that generation. But prophecy also extends to future generations, and as things develop and more light is shed upon the prophecy it becomes current and therefore meat in due season for that generation.

So it is now. I have been sending messages through the prophets of old for centuries that will apply most completely for the last generation. They saw the light through a glass darkly [1 Cor. 13:12], except what was applicable to their time in history. But I am now desiring to open up the whole Bible to you, for it is now time for the mystery of God to be finished as was prophesied by John in Revelation 10:7. This mystery which was withheld from ages past, is to be made more clear to the final generation than any other preceding one. This is because the cleansing of all sin through a faith relationship with me takes place at the time of the blotting out of sin both in your lives and in the books of heaven, as was prophesied by Peter in Acts 3:19-21.

This finishing up of the work of salvation was foreshadowed in the Old Testament Sanctuary service on the Day of Atonement each year when the sins of the people were blotted out and laid upon the head of the scapegoat. Unfortunately, the study of the significance of this part of the Sanctuary services is not largely understood, or even taught as it applies to people today. But this subject is meat in due season for the present generation, because this is what I am doing right now in the heavenly Sanctuary. All who understand and participate with my work, and preach this message to others, will receive the refreshing of the latter rain, which comes at the culmination of the preaching of Gospel of salvation through faith.

This does not mean, as many believe, that my righteousness covers the sins in their lives that they are tolerating, and blaming their lack of victory on the existence of the carnal nature, which they suppose I will change at my coming. No, no, this is a vain hope, a deception of the devil, which will cause many to lose eternal life. My eye is on my faithful ones who know that I will never take their sins to heaven, or save them at my coming if they have unconfessed sins in their lives. These are now examining their hearts and crying out to me for the cleansing and blotting out of every sin, then filling the void with my applied life, which is the mystery of the Gospel - Christ in you, the hope of glory. [Eph. 1:7-10; Col. 1:26, 27.] These are receiving the outpouring of the latter rain which shall continue until my work is finished, and every person who is cooperating fully with me now is sealed for eternity.

Please do not think this cleansing and blotting out process is a hardship. Until you are freed completely from the bondage of sin and the constant attempts of the evil one to use these sins to tempt, discourage, and overcome you, you will not truly appreciate the joy of a constant walk with me, and the victory over the devil that this will give to you. Yes, as long as you are in this world you shall have tribulation [John 16:33], for I, though sinless, was tested to the uttermost to relinquish my devotion to, and constant connection with, my Father. But as long as you are willing to maintain that constant connection with me, I will give you the gift of my perfect life which I lived while I was on earth just so I could give it to you and every person who submits to the cleansing process.

This is the fullness of the good news that is to be preached now during the latter rain time to everyone who will listen. This is the meat in due season for those who are hungry for something more than they now understand about the finishing up of my work in the heavenly Sanctuary, and how to be prepared to stand before me without guile at my coming. Be not afraid to give the good news to everyone who will listen to you. Some who listen to your message will spurn it and turn back to the beliefs that make them feel comfortable. But others who are longing for new light will rejoice that you have been a lifeline to greater light, just as Philip was to the Ethiopian.

Go now to the activities of your day, but keep your heart open to my guidance and I will surprise you with new insights of truth to light your way, and people to come to the brightness of your rising [Isa. 60:1-3]; thus both you and they will be blessed. Lovingly, Jesus.

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