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Dearest Ones,

I am very pleased with your plans for the week of prayer and the subjects which you will be presenting. They are messages straight from the golden altar in the heavenly Sanctuary. The people must hear these messages of truth which will help them to prepare for my soon coming and the close of probation. I am now speeding up the process of preparing a people in a few months what has taken years to understand; but all those who are saved must come together in their understanding and experience at the close of history. Therefore the subject for today is "miracles."

I have not used miracles as a method in the spreading of the gospel in a large way, because miracles can take the focus of attention from the simple, yet profound truths that make up the main body of truth that is necessary for salvation. But in the final outpouring of the latter rain, there will be miracles for the purpose of advancing the spread of the truth and giving heaven's blessings to what is being preached. As you know, Satan can also do miracles to a certain extent, and he will do this to distract from the true. But this is necessary to separate the wheat from the tares, for my true followers will follow me because they love the truth more than life itself, whether there are miracles or whether there are not.

The miracles I will do through my messengers will be for the purpose of rewarding my saints with latter rain power, and second witnessing the truth that is being presented. Satan will not be successful in deceiving my people, for they know my truth and would rather die than give it up, for it is connected to their relationship with me, and as a result they will be sealed in forever. But the wicked will rejoice and exult over Satan's miracles, for they will think this proves that they don't have to follow truth in order to receive God's blessings. In this way the world will be arraigned before the judgment bar of God, and before the watching universe they will take their final stand against the government of God.

Satan and his followers will be against the little band of my righteous people whom I will protect through the time of trouble. This is the essence of the battle of Armageddon, which will begin when I stand up to protect my faithful followers who would rather give up their lives than give up the truth, and culminates when I come to take my people home. So although the anticipation of these things may seem frightening, you must hold on to the promises that I have placed in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy for you. You will not need to fear for your lives or your safety, even though it may seem that chaos and destruction will fill the earth. That is where faith and trust must come into the picture. These attributes cannot be obtained in a moment, but must reflect your walk with me on a consistent daily basis. Then I will add to your faith the supernatural element called "the faith of Jesus" [Rev. 14:12], which is my faith in my Father, which supported me through my death on Calvary. This faith is free as a gift to all who walk with me until the journey's end, and you can have this gift even now in your daily challenges on this earth. Thus you will become strong in my strength and filled with all the fullness of God, fit representatives of me on earth and citizens of my kingdom in heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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