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Rest in my Love

Dearest Ones,

Your service for me and your eagerness to please and honor me bring joy to my heart, because many Christians who serve me do so for the loaves and fishes. I have not withdrawn my Spirit from the earth to the point where normal life is significantly affected. So it is possible for most people to be Christians and reap the benefits without making a full commitment. There are many advantages to espousing Christianity that enhance one's day-to-day life, such as clean living, family and social morality, hope for the future, principled lives, an emphasis upon education, and so forth. A nation that has a majority of such individuals is a nation that I can and will bless. Thus it has been with America. But the tide is turning because of the corruption in all levels of society, and especially the government, and soon it will go down as has all the other nations before it. Then the papacy, which is a parasite, will rise to prominence as it did at the end of the Roman Empire, and assume the power that is due only to me, and as Satan's representative, it will lead the world to its final doom.

It has always been Satan's desire to rule the world, and the papacy was given 1260 years to show what would be the result of his kind of government. So when the kingdoms of the world arrive at the point of following the beast and his image, it will demonstrate that the cup of iniquity for mankind is full, and I will put a sudden end to Satan's desire for rulership, just as I did when I cast him and his followers out of heaven. That time is rapidly approaching, and I am preparing to allow the universe to see once and for all what Satan's rulership will bring in the destruction of all that is moral and good. This is why I am keeping close to my beloved followers, who will soon be facing the ire of the devil and his followers who agree with him and have the same goal as he does of destroying all opposition to his government.

Are you getting ready for the last great battle between good and evil? Are you coming into complete harmony with me on every issue in your life? Are you assimilating my character and living by my Word every day? If so, you will be among those that I will protect during the time of trouble and the final display of the great controversy. Come under my wings, and I will protect you as a hen protect her chicks, and nothing will harm you. Even though you will hear the roar of the lion, you will be kept safe by legions of angels who will guide you and protect and provide for you, for you are citizens of my heavenly kingdom, even while on earth.

Go now to your activities, but keep your eyes upon my guidance and your heart uplifted to me to hear my voice. Soon the war will be over and you will be safe on the other shore. You will have nothing to fear if you rest in my care. If you learn to do it now, you will know how to do it when all earthly support is cut off and you must trust completely in my care for you. Today is the training ground for tomorrow, and tomorrow will take care of itself if you learn to trust in me completely today. Rest now in my love, and your soul will be satisfied. Lovingly, Jesus.

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