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Not Looking Back

Dearest Ones, my message for you today is about going forward in the pathway designated for you, and not looking back. You remember the story of Lot and his family. They had become so acclimated to living in Sodom that they could not imagine abandoning their secure home and launching out into the unknown wilderness. It was difficult even for the angels to pry them loose from their home and family, and especially their children and grandchildren, who were left behind. In fact, it was so difficult that the angels had to take their hands and lead them to a place of safety. Had it not been for the strong, intercessory prayers of Abraham, my friend and co-laborer, the whole family would have been lost, for they had all been greatly affected by the worldly culture and morals of Sodom. Lot was called a righteous man because his soul was grieved over the evils of the people, but he did not possess the fortitude and leadership to take his family out of Sodom as he should have done, even prior to that fateful night when the fire came down and destroyed everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah and the dwellers in the plain who had become so corrupt that I cleansed the land of them by fire from heaven. Even Lot’s wife was not spared because her heart was in Sodom with the comforts of her home and companionship of her children and grandchildren.

Now the world has become as corrupt, and even more so, than Sodom. Every man is for himself and his desires. And the women also have become haughty and self-preserved, and have thrown off the feminine gifts and characteristics that I have given them, and have aspired to heights of leadership which would make them authorities over men, and thus make men more dependent upon them, and be free of man’s dominion over them, which has become a galling yoke to them. While it is true that men have largely abused their position, this does not give women license to fight back in a spirit of rebellion that is akin to Lucifer’s rebellion over my leadership and position in heaven. Rebellion over God-given authority never can produce the freedom that the carnal mind craves. On the other hand, I want every person to be free to exercise their individual rights to function freely within the blueprint which I have given each person at the time of their conception. So this necessitates the flow of the Holy Spirit in and through each person, and the rights and privileges that give them freedom to know me and to follow my leading so that their blueprint can be fully restored and functioning, now that the end is upon us.

As the end approaches, I am equipping you with gifts that meet the tasks that I have designated for you. As you accept these tasks, I will lead you in pleasant paths that will help to restore your full blueprint. And I will give you companions who are also called to the same task of spreading the last warning message to the world. Together you will be led by me through the Holy Spirit to do efficiently and powerfully the individual and collective work of finishing the three angels’ messages, including the loud cry of the fourth angel, which is in the not too distant future.

But remember the lesson of Lot’s wife. She loved the world and the things of the world more than me. Her heart was in Sodom. In like manner, do not let your hearts lean toward Sodom, no matter what or who it might be. Can you imagine Lot and his daughters having to go on without their wife and mother? For most people it is unthinkable! But for those whose hearts are set on pilgrimage [Ps. 84:5], this world is not their home. Anywhere I send them is home to them, because I am there with them. So it is with each of you now. If you hear my call to go forward, look not back at what you leave behind you, but forward to what is ahead of you. I will not leave you to struggle on alone—I will prepare the way before you, and doors will open that you cannot imagine or foresee right now. Just step in the water as Moses and the priests did in carrying the ark for me, and the way will open before you as it did for them. Be not afraid or fearful. Be of good courage, for I am with you to protect, guide, and care for you. And what you are leaving will fade into the past as new adventures, and duties open up before you, for I am leading the way.

Now journey on, today, tomorrow, and every day until I come, and you will reap a rich reward, both here and in heaven. And at every new turn in the road, look to me and trust in me for I will never leave you, never forsake you, and never disappoint you, for I am now, and will forever be, just a thought and prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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