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My Beloved Ones, This morning I am desiring to connect with you on the immediate service for me that I want you to accomplish. I am pleased with your enthusiasm and dedication, and now I want to go forward with the practical aspects of our journey together.

Christa and Jean Marie are progressing as fast as possible with the study guides, which will be essential to the success of the last-day message that will lead people to understand the essential truths for this time. Carol is faithful as a watchman on the walls of Zion to watch over the messages and vital truths of the judgment and cleansing. Karen is working faithfully in every area that I have assigned to her, especially the understanding of the experiential sanctuary and its meaning for both children and adults. David is a mighty warrior for the vital truths of my sanctuary message. Bill is also a mighty warrior for truth, and presses against unbelievable odds, never wavering in his commitment and loyalty to me. Each person on the team is a vital cog in the wheel of progress toward the spreading of my last warning message to the world. And then there is the faithfulness and beauty of spirit in Meg and Kathryn, who also please me greatly by their eagerness to serve me and use their gifts for the spreading of my truth. Verily, verily I say to you today, you will not fail to receive your rewards in the courts of heaven, and also on earth before my coming, in the joy of service for me, and the companionship of those who labor with you.

My topic for today is service. Man was created with differing gifts by which they were qualified for particular acts of service for me and for each other. In the Garden of Eden, it was their responsibility to dress the garden and keep it in the highest order, to reflect the garden that surrounds the throne of my Father and I in heaven. That garden is our home and the dwelling place of God from which flows the power and glory that sustains the vast universe that we have created. Joy and peace inhabit our place of abode, and flows down to you and to every other world in which are created beings. But Satan has intercepted that flow of love coming from our throne, and very few on earth receive the benefit of our love, because they have accepted the spirit of rebellion, hate, and lies that the evil one has to offer, because that is his nature after his fall from his original perfection of character which I gave him at his creation. He took the awesome gifts that I gave him and perverted them to use for his own glory and power and to draw others into the snare of the web of sin. Unfortunately, most people on earth have followed him blindly like cattle to the slaughter, and have become like him, prostituting the gifts that I have given them to become his slaves of passion and prostitution. I use the word, “prostitution,” because that accurately describes those who take the special gifts that I have given them, and use them for the service of the devil to accomplish his purposes. They all shall receive their reward in the lake of fire which has been reserved for the devil and his angels.

On the other hand, I have, and always have had, servants who have chosen to love and serve me and dedicate their lives and the talents that I have given them to honor me and build up my kingdom in the earth, sometimes even at the cost of their lives. In every age, these are my beloved chosen ones in whom is all my delight, and the reward for my sacrifice in coming to earth to rescue and redeem all those who will escape the thralldom of sin and become servants of the Most High God. These will walk with me in white, and be around my throne forever. But the battle is not over, and the victory is not yet won, for the last phase of this earth’s history is in process, and now you are on the stage of the theater of the universe. What will be the record of your service for me? What do the onlooking angels and unfallen worlds see as you go through your day? It may seem to you that you are alone while doing your daily labors, but you are not alone, for I am always by your side to help and inspire you through my Spirit, and the angels who have been assigned to help and assist you and make your work effective. No matter what your innate talents and gifts are, you may continually grow in efficiency and power as you use even the most humble gift to glorify me and spread the good news of my coming. As you plan your day, plan it for me, and look to me for help to accomplish everything on your list, or to change and go another way if I should inspire you to do so. In any case, use all your gifts for me and in service for others, and your abilities will grow and expand under the power and inspiration of my Spirit.

Please do not end your communion with me when your worship is completed, for this is only the beginning of my time with you. I want to help you and guide you and inspire you moment by moment through the day, and increase your strength and power and wisdom and open up new avenues for service than you could have had without my guidance. Speak a word in season and out of season for the blessing of others with whom you associate. Do the most humble duties as unto me and they will be tinged with love from me, because I am love. Love one another as I have loved you. Labor as long as necessary to bring my love to others around you. Never give up on anyone as long as my Spirit is directing you to continue to reach out to them. Walk with me in the common duties in all your association with people, and you will be blessed.

Now go to your duties of the day, but remember that I am always by your side, and that I have great things in store for you each day as I walk beside you to comfort and sustain you, and guide you in all your service for me and others. And through constant communion with me your talents and gifts will expand to exceed what you have now, and you will daily receive the reward that comes from service for and with me. That is the joy that I promise to you both in this life and the life to come. I love each of you with an everlasting love, and I want to pass this on to you today and every day until I come. And as you walk with me, you will become more and more like me, because your companionship with me will produce holiness of character, and my loving ministry to you will flow without obstruction to everyone around you, and you will be a part of the circle of love that surrounds the throne of heaven. I am looking forward to walking with you today in service! And please never forget that I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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