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Dearest Ones,

As the Sabbath hours draw near, I want to be especially close to your heart, for the Sabbath was made for fellowship with me and with others of like faith. As you worship, I draw near to hear your words of praise and study, and bless you with my presence and an outpouring of my Spirit. Open your hearts to receive and appreciate the light that will shine upon you from the courts of heaven.

Now the topic for today. It is "nurture." This time I want to dwell upon the nurturing of children. When you were a child, your parents were in the place of God to you. By this I do not mean that they were successful in representing me accurately, but that the neuron pathways of the brain are set up to receive what the child needs for healthy growth and development, and when they receive this love and tender care, the emotional health of the child is developed in such a way that spiritual things are more easily discerned. Thus, proper parenting can pave the way for the recognition and work of my Holy Spirit. This is why whole societies can be lost when their parenting practices are severely deficient, for the brains of the children have not been prepared to perceive the workings of my Spirit.

The whole world had reached that saturation point at the time of the flood, and also of Sodom and Gomorrah. I know when hearts are completely shut down against my Spirit, and when they are still open for further light. That is why I can safely close probation on a society, a nation, or the world, and not make even one mistake in judgment on a soul, for I can see the hearts of every person, and the openness or resistance to my Spirit. I want to tell you now that the whole world is rapidly coming to the point of closing their own probation because of the hardness and worldliness of their own hearts. Many people believe that it is I who will close mankind's probation. But the truth is that mankind closes their own probation. And this is to a great extent caused today by the media.

Do you know what happens to an infant or young child when they are placed before a TV for babysitting? The neuron pathways that are supposed to be developing in a healthy way by connection with the mother the father, and other members of the family, are stunted in their growth and become connected instead with the TV monitor, the faces, the flashing lights, the music and voice tones - all of which are imaginary and cannot connect with the brain and neuron pathways in a way that would produce normal thinking and reasoning. This is why there is so much drug-taking in young adults in this generation. They are seeking for the false connections which promise positive interaction but cannot provide it, because they have grown up with the media as their main source of communication and interaction, and it leads to mental, moral, emotional, spiritual and finally physical death.

Therefore, I am appealing to my people to help me restore healthy connections with the people around you whenever you have opportunity to do so. I will help you to find the needy people who need your love and nurturing. I will work with you by giving my Spirit to regenerate the damaged or non-existent connections of those in whom I see hope for improvement or recovery. You cannot of yourself heal anyone but you can be a conduit for my healing, and regenerating power. I can raise the dead and I can restore the lost years that the locust has eaten. [Joel 2:21-25.] All I need is for you to be a conduit of my love to others around you, and I will do what you cannot do to restore hope and healing to broken lives who have given up hope for recovery. Yes, there will be those who are dead in their trespasses and sins [Eph. 2:1], and who are beyond hope. But there are some who are still open and receptive to my Spirit, and it is to these that I will send you. Will you work with me in the harvest field as the sun is setting on the world, never to rise again, and rescue the perishing while there is yet a little time? Share my love with them as I would do if I were there in person and I will bless you with sheaves of wheat to bring into my barn [Matt. 13:30] of safety! Lovingly, Jesus.

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