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The Time of the End

Dearest Ones,

The topic for today is, "the time of the end." [Dan. 8:17, 19.] Ever since my disciples were on earth, they looked forward to the time when I would come again. I spoke to them about my second coming to encourage them that even though I would be leaving them, I would come back again to reward them for their labors and devotion, and to finish the plan of saving the world from the clutches of Satan. They had no concept of the passing of time that this would require, nor have any of my people in the generations that have come and gone. No one could have imagined what the last days of earth's history would be like. But each generation has been important for the development of the plan which was laid out before the inception of sin.

The victory in the great controversy must be accomplished by the exposing of every lie of the enemy by allowing it to play out until the truth is fully revealed. This has now been accomplished, except for the repeat of every lesson that the former generations have learned through the years, which will now to be displayed to the final generation who will be alive when I return. [Lu. 11:4751.]

The exposing of these lies of Satan I will now reveal to you.

# 1 - That I am a God of vengeance and wrath when anyone disagrees with me or sins against me.

When I created intelligent beings, I anticipated that disagreement was a possibility and I foreknew [6 BC 1082] that the more intelligent the being, the more likely the chance of free thinking and questioning of the necessity and purpose of my law, my character, and the principles of my government. As the leader of all the angelic hosts, Lucifer was given the gifts of superior intelligence and wisdom, and was beautiful and majestic in appearance. [Eze. 28:12-15.] In spite of his intellectual abilities and close relationship with me, he began to reason within himself and question, Why should there be a law for beings who are already perfect? What would happen if someone disagreed? Was there another side to the all-powerful, all-wise Creator and Ruler of the universe?

Such questions begin to obsess his mind and he convinced himself that he had found a flaw in my character and my government, i.e. - lack of freedom to disagree without a punitive reaction from the throne, which would in essence mean lack of free-will choice. Thus my plan of salvation would of necessity have to expose this lie, reveal the fallacy of such reasoning, and forever remove all doubt about the benevolence, love, and justice of God. The goal of the plan of redemption is to make safe forever God's eternal purpose to create beings with free-will choice who would love and serve him without any question or doubt about the perfection of His love, His law, His character, and His government.*

# 2 - That he could produce a better environment of freedom for everyone with no law except for the individualized choice which would be decided by each person.

# 3 - That those who chose to follow him would enter a higher realm of being, and would

eventually reach the status of gods. [Gen. 3:4, 5.]

Thus, this earth was chosen to be the theater of the universe where Satan would be allowed to test his theories, for now he had infected heaven itself and the onlooking universe, so that there would be no safety until his theories and beliefs were proven false. It was a tremendous risk to take, and would forever change the way that the Father and I would relate to our creation, for everyone must now be pulled into the battle. I would have to give up my position at the Father's side and come to earth so that everyone could see the true character of the godhead and the relationship we hold with each other. We would have to give enough time and opportunity for every issue to be fully demonstrated. Perhaps you think that 6000 years is a long time, but it is not long in relationship to eternity. It had to be long enough for all phases of the sin problem to be fully displayed and revealed, and all questions answered.

But now the final phase is reaching its culmination, which is the rise of the man of sin [2 Thes. 2:1-10; Rev. 13:1-10] to world prominence and authority, and the development of the 144,000 at the same time, who will get the victory over the beast and his image [Rev. 13:11-17; 14:4, 5, 9-12], which is apostate Protestantism. The whole world will be swept into this cosmic battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Do you see now how vital is the development of the 144,000 and their victory over every phase of sin in the complete restoration of mankind into the image of God? This provides for the full and final display of the image of Satan in his followers and the results of his principles, and the finished product of grace through the indwelling of my life in my followers. Thus the mystery of God will be finished [Rev. 10:7; Eph. 1:9, 10; Col. 1:26, 7], and in the final product of restored lives into my image will be the refuting of all the lies of the devil. By choosing to follow my principles of life, happiness, and victory over sin, my people will demonstrate the product of keeping my law, against the backdrop of slavery to evil that Satan bestows upon his followers. The plan of salvation is not just my work on the cross, but the continuing work of my indwelling Spirit recreating the wholeness and perfection of character that I gave to Adam and Eve in the beginning before they sinned. Thus, the

restoration process will be completed, and I will have my perfected bride [Rev. 19:6-8] with me throughout eternity [Rev. 14:4] - the finished product of the great plan of salvation that will inoculate the universe forever against any thought of rebellion, for my character of love will be fully displayed.

In the meantime, you can be a spectacle to men and angels [1 Cor. 4:9] every day as you are conquerors in the battle with evil and show by your victory over sin that the government, character, and love of God is the joy and rejoicing and protection of all His creation. No one will ever doubt or question this again, and as the years of eternity roll on, happiness and love will increase from my Father and me to our beloved chosen ones who have gained the victory over the world, the flesh and the devil! [1 John 2:15-17.] Lovingly, Jesus.

*For further study, please see PP 33-43; GC 492-504; 4 BC 1162, 3.

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