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Dearest Ones,

Be joyful today as you see the time approaching for the wedding of the Lamb, for my Bride is making herself ready and drinking largely of my Spirit, Who gives light from the Throne of Heaven to my people.

Now for the topic of today. I want to reveal to you the secret of success in having a vital and regenerative relationship with me. It is "peace." In this world you shall have tribulation [John 16:33], but in me you can have peace and calmness of spirit, and joy in our relationship with each other. No one has ever been born into this world who did not have trials and tribulations. This is because Adam gave his kingship over to the devil, who is now the prince of this world [John 12:31] and he now claims the right to rule over the kingdoms of this world [Matt. 4:8, 9]. I have purchased back the kingdom by my death on Calvary, but my kingdom is not of this world [John 18:36]. Instead, it is made up of those who choose to follow me and love me and follow the principles of government by which I rule my kingdom. While the devil is the ruler of darkness [Eph. 6:12], I am the Prince of Peace [Isa. 9:6]. Therefore it is vital that you test the spirits [John 4:1] and be able to discern what spirit you are listening to during the day. You can be sure that the devil is a tireless foe, and the easiest way he can reach you is to bring a spirit of darkness through discouragement, worry, stress, sadness, fear, sleeplessness, physical ailments of various kinds, etc. I have not promised my followers freedom from tribulation and problems of one kind or another, just as I was not free from trials when I was upon this earth. But I have promised peace amidst the storms of life. Sometimes I even allow problems to come to you when your hold upon the world and your attachment to the things of earth are greater than your attachment to me. But come what may, you must remember that I have promised you that I will never leave you nor forsake you [Heb. 13:5, 6], and I will always be faithful to the Covenant of love [Deut 7:9, 12] that I have made with you.

Therefore, Satan has learned how to affect the human mind to cause you to feel forsaken by me. He brings a feeling of darkness over you, oppresses your mind, brings a sense of guilt, impending doom, feelings of separation from me, despair, hopelessness and fear, or whatever he can use to cause you to focus upon yourself and your feelings and lose your hold upon me and our relationship. As I have said before, I give everyone the freedom of choice. If you do not reach out to me during these times of temptation and trial by the enemy, you will be buffeted by him and be tempted to believe his lies that I am angry with you and have turned my face from you, or have left you. He will tell you that you are hopeless and lost for the most trifling things. I do not turn away from you when you fall - I am bending over you to help you and put my arms about you and carry you on my shoulders back to the fold of safety [Lu. 15:1-7].

When I suffered and died on the cross of Calvary, the Father purposefully withdrew the sense of His life and light and the feeling of his presence from me so that I could feel what you feel when the devil hovers around you and tells you that you have displeased me and therefore I have withdrawn myself and my love and protection from you. This is what it means that I took your sins upon myself. I did not actually take the feelings and thoughts of sin, or the lusts of the carnal nature upon myself, or I would also have become a sinner. I took the feelings of separation and the sense of the withdrawal of my Father's acceptance, presence, and love that sin causes, which of course brings suffering and eventual death, for without connection with me, Satan has control of you and death is the result.

But as I hung on the cross, I did what you must do when you are surrounded by the oppression and darkness that is brought on by the evil one. I clung by faith to my Father and his love for me and his eternal plan for me, and all the promises that he had given me throughout my life on earth. And by these I triumphed over the kingdom of darkness. So you also may triumph over every temptation of the evil one if you take my victory for you as an example of how to go through trials. I did these things for you so that you may triumph gloriously with me. Determine just now to gain the victory over the evil one by connecting with my love and my promises to you. I will never fail you nor leave you to succumb to the evil one if you just reach out and grasp hold of my hand by faith. My victory can be yours if you take it. I will walk you through the deepest valleys of your life, and bring you out on the Mountaintop of Victory. And you shall have my peace in exchange for the darkness and despair of the evil one.

Do you want to accept my offer of peace and freedom from darkness just now? Resist the thoughts of darkness that the evil one puts upon you, and walk with me out into the light [1 John 1:9] and I will give you my peace and my victory over the darkness of the devil and all his host, for you are my beloved ones in whom is all my joy! Lovingly Jesus.

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