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Freedom to Choose

Dearest Ones,

My thoughts are with you today as you begin the round of activities that will comprise your labors on this preparation day. I remember the experience I had when I created Adam and Eve on the first preparation day at the beginning of earth's history. It was a joyful day for me to see their beauty inside and out, and their eagerness to know me, and their love for me and for each other. I did not permit my foreknowledge of what would happen so soon to dampen the joy of that day, for even though I knew that they would fall to the tempter's solicitations and that I must someday die in their behalf, the love I had for them superseded all that would happen as a result of their creation.

I also knew that someday I would conquer the enemy, and I looked down through the ages of history and saw you, my beloved ones, and I saw my reward of having all my saved family from earth with me throughout eternity. [Eph. 1:4, 5.] So on this preparation day, keep your mind stayed upon me as you go about your work and activities, and I will speak my messages of love to you personally, and I will guide you successfully through the day.

Now for the topic of today. It is “freedom to choose." Do you know that the blueprint of your life that I have written for you in my book is unchangeable as long as you walk with me and accept the plan I have for you to fulfill each day? As David says in Psalms 139:16 - "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Before you were born, I knew you and I had a plan for your life. I even saw the trials you would go through and the mistakes you would make because of your fallen nature. But I also saw the wonderful future that I have planned for you if you will consent to let me order your life. Whatever deviations and errors you have made up to now can be counted as learning experiences on the highway to truth. Mistakes are experiments in cause and effect, and if you learn from these, you will be but stronger in your determination not to repeat these experiences that led you into pain.

I walked with you through these things, though you did not always perceive my presence. But now you can throw back the curtain and see my face clearly and let me be your Counselor and Friend and daily Companion. I will guide you and help you to avoid further mistakes in judgment. But if you do make mistakes, I will not leave you or forsake you to become a plaything of the enemy. You belong to me, for I have bought you back by the price of my shed blood and my death on Calvary for your ransom. Nothing can harm or destroy you if you let me lead you day by day.

Now go to the activities of your day, but don't let the hustle and bustle drown out my still small voice speaking to your heart. Just remember that I will never override your power of choice, because I have given freedom to choose to all my created beings. Don't forget how much I have loved you from the foundation of the world, and how long I have waited with anticipation for your arrival, just as a mother looks forward to the birth of her little one. You are important to me and I have a plan for your life. But you must seek me every day to find it, for the evil one is jealous of my love for you and the destiny that I have for you to be saved and take his place in the courts of heaven. He wants to put thoughts into your mind, and because of the fall of Adam and Eve, I must allow him to do that to preserve your free will choice as to whom you will serve.

But if you want to serve me, just remember that I will never speak to you with dark and discouraging thoughts or thoughts of condemnation. If you hear those things in your mind, send a prayer to me immediately, for I will never speak to you that way! You can be assured that dark and discouraging thoughts always come from the evil one. When I correct you, it will always be with love and compassion and wisdom to help you persevere and win the victory. Keep your mind ever upward toward the light of my countenance, and my love, joy and peace will dispel all the darkness and temptations of the evil one! Lovingly, Jesus.

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