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Dear Ones,

This morning I want to talk to you about something that is deep within my heart. So many of my people are waiting for the Latter Rain and the Sunday law to prepare for my coming. In the meantime they are going about their business not realizing that these things are already happening. In other words, life goes on as usual, and the Sunday law issue is stealing upon the world as a great surprise. Already the pope is speaking about his desire to have it put into place. But like a lion partially hidden in the tall grass waiting for just the right moment to spring upon its prey, so the devil is carefully planning his attack while my people are still unready.

It is a great mistake to wait to prepare until the last moment in time, when everything comes out in the open. Satan is a wily foe, much more intelligent in his deceptive plans than human beings can anticipate. Like any predator, he keeps his prey occupied with other things until it is too late to escape. So you see how the world and its daily pressures can keep my people in a round of activities until the time has passed for getting to know me and having a daily walk with me so that I can guide and help and protect you from the wiles of the evil one.

Therefore, my topic for today is "Watch!" It is a fatal mistake to play on the beach until the storm comes and takes you away, when if you had been watching and looking to me for guidance, I could have warned you to seek higher ground where you could stand and see the destruction taking place below you. Take heed to the message of Psalms 91. This was written especially for those who live at the end of time. Read it now in conjunction with this message that I am giving to you.

"A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked." Ps. 91:7, 8.

And what is the place where you may hide safely in the time of trouble? It is the Most Holy Place experience of cleansing from sin that I am taking my willing people through right now. All others will find themselves outside the camp when the door of mercy closes. You must have a conscious, ongoing relationship with me, for only I can guide you safely through the days ahead. I will not force you to do this, because I give free will to every person to choose their destiny. I will try to woo you; I will attempt to get your attention through allowing trials to come into your life to cause you to look to me for help. But the ultimate choice to connect with me or not to connect with me is in your hands.

I sometimes weep when I see you struggling with the burden of care that Satan puts upon you to distract you from hearing my voice calling to you in your heart. As I have said before, I am just a prayer away. But it takes time and effort to get to know me and recognize the still, small voice of my Spirit, because your ears are tuned to the raucous sounds of the world you live in, which blunts the fine sensitivity of the mind to hear the gentle whisper of my Spirit. I do this specifically to preserve your free will to choose to follow me because you desire to know and love me and receive my love for you. Love cannot be forced or demanded. I could speak to you with the thunder tones of Sinai. But that would not make you love me. As with Elijah, I was not in the wind, the earthquake and the fire. I was in the gentle whisper that my servant knew so well. [1Kings 19:11:13.]

And so I come to you in gentleness and love and kindness, not with a whip but with a whisper in your heart to draw you to my love for you. Please do not put it off, for the time is late and the days of preparation are few. I will take you safely through the end if you come into the hiding place of a daily relationship with me. There is no other way to be prepared for the things that are just ahead. There is no time to prepare when the lion springs upon its prey. So it will be for those who have waited until the Sunday law to get ready for my coming. These will be the foolish virgins who slept through the time of preparation, and while they were rushing to get the extra oil of cleansing from sin which the wise virgins had, the bridegroom came and went into the wedding and the door was shut. I do not want to frighten you, but only to arouse you from your slumbers in time to prepare.

Awake! My beautiful Bride, and come with me to the banquet hall [SS 2:4; 10-13] of a daily relationship with me, and you will never need to fear that you will be unready or unprepared for my coming, for I will gird myself [Lu. 12:37] and meet all your needs, and cleanse you and dress you in fine linen, pure and white, which is the robe of my righteousness [Rev. 19:7-9]. But you must say yes to my overtures, for I will never force or try to coerce you. Did I run after the Rich Young Ruler? Did the father run after the Prodigal Son? No, it must be love and free will choice which brings you to me, and the gentle wooing of the Holy Spirit.

In the ardor of my love I call to you, but in the fairness of my love I let you choose to love me in return. Today is the day of salvation! Today is the day to open your heart and let me prepare you for my coming. My arms are outstretched to welcome you into the company of my beloved chosen ones who are always with me wherever I go. [Rev. 17:14; 14:1, 4.] I am looking forward to having this kind of relationship with you! Lovingly, Jesus.

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