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Dearest Ones, I have a message of encouragement for all of you today that comes from my heart of love for you. I know that you are struggling to do everything I ask you to do, and following my instructions and leading each day.

My subject today is perseverance. I know that I have spoken to about this before, but there is a new level of service for me that I now want to call you to do. We are beginning the last year for the power of the latter rain to fall, and to enable you to spread my last warning message around the world, and I want to be very close to you to guide you in every facet of the work. Look to me constantly and be open to my guidance, for I want to help you to make every moment count. My Spirit will guide you so that nothing will fall behind in going forward. That will take constant perseverance and attention to the duties that I call you to do. I will open doors before you that you cannot see now. And as the days go by, I will guide you into everything that needs to be accomplished. Keep close to me and listen to my guidance and obey, and you cannot fail to please me.

Now go to the duties of the day, but keep your heart open to my voice, and I will protect you from missteps and mistakes. Never forget that you are the apple of my eye, and are my chosen and faithful ones who rejoice my heart every day. And I am your Husband and Savior from every attack of the evil one, so you may safely trust in me and my love and care for you. I am looking forward to working together and fellowshipping with you every day until I come, and then to the eternity beyond. Lovingly, Jesus.

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