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Dearest Ones, I love you today and always with an everlasting love that you cannot comprehend, because you cannot fathom the heights and depths of eternal love. But you can open your heart to me and receive the measure of love that I have for you each day, and as you do, your hearts will open up more each day to receive and give increasingly both from me and for others around you. This will bring you a heavenly joy that will diffuse into the atmosphere around you and spread to those who would never have a chance to receive my love if it didn’t come through you.

Now my subject for today is prejudice. I want to talk about this because it is a common thread running through all of fallen humanity, and even the animals, who have received the same conditions because of Satan’s control through the fall of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, since the serpent was the highest, wisest, and most beautiful of the creatures I had made. Satan gained control of the serpent through flattery and promises of a high position in his kingdom if he should cooperate. Then he used the same tactics on Eve, and then Adam, so the seeds of self-glory and pride were planted in both the human and the animal kingdom. Prejudice is generated when feelings are stirred about the differences in another person or persons that do not please or agree with oneself. It can be the appearance of another person, or their ways or idiosyncrasies that do not seem to be right or appealing, and are even irritating or annoying. In summary, whatever does not come up to one’s own standard of behavior, beliefs, appearance, preferences or expectations can cause annoyances and prejudicial emotions. This is normal for the fallen condition, because the root of the problem goes back to pride, flattery, and the desire to ascend above others.

But as you know, pride and self-flattery and the desire to ascend to the throne in heaven was Satan’s downfall. So that is the character which he passed on to Adam and Eve and the animal kingdom. So when I came to the world, I descended to the depths of human emotion and position and became an itinerate preacher and servant of servants, having no home of my own, and possessing no outstanding physical attraction that would draw people to me. I suffered along with the poor, and never turned anyone away because of their status, appearance, or social or physical prowess. So when you are filled with my Spirit, you will exemplify the same character that I had on earth, and of course still have now. I love the unlovable, the rough and course, the timid and shy, the insecure, the socially inappropriate as much as I love those who seem more desirable. The important thing to me is the heart of each person. I realize that you cannot see the heart as I can, but you can ask me for wisdom and insight, and I will give it to you. It is true that many will turn away from you and the truth for these last days, and reject your message and be satisfied with what they already have. That is what many did to me and my disciples also. But do not be concerned about rejection, because your message is designed to bring people to the light, or compel them to turn away from it, thus revealing the secret sins and motives of their heart and cause them to make a final decision for or against my truth for this generation. So you are not responsible for the reactions of people to your message—you are responsible only to give it and leave the responsibility to me.

But in your associations with others in all your work for me, I want you to be very careful about the feelings of your heart as you come in contact with people. All prejudice must be laid aside and overcome, for you cannot read the heart as I can. I love everyone with a love that you cannot understand, for every person is my child until they become the child of the devil by their own choice. In the meantime, every person must hear the message of salvation which will be the deciding factor in their destiny.

So the next time you sense a feeling in your heart to reject, criticize or withdraw from someone because of their unappealing traits of character or behavior, just call upon me and I will give you divine insight, and my feelings about them so that you will not follow your natural instincts to be their judge. All judgment of people has been committed to me by my Father, because I am a member of the human race forever, and can see and feel behind the surface with each person what is happening in their mind and emotions, and so I can make perfect judgments based upon truth, not appearances. And now I promise to give you my Spirit to help you to see as I see through the interaction of my mind with yours, and thus you can be an instrument to reach the hearts and souls of those around you with my love and truth for them. This is a profound gift that I offer to you, but as my Bride, you can work side by side with me until the work is done and probation closes. And then you can be covered by the shadow of my hand through the time of trouble, and be alive to meet me in the air at my trumpet call. The days will not be long, so take heart, my faithful ones. Through my Spirit you can be one with me in the work of reaping the harvest, and hastening the day of my coming.

In the meantime, look to me always for support and spiritual wisdom, grace, and heavenly love for everyone around you, and you will never fail to please and honor me, for we are one in working for the salvation of those who are longing and yearning for someone to bring them the assurance of my love and my salvation.

Now go to your day’s activities, but never forget for one moment that I am right there beside you, and that you are never alone, for I am, as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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